Monday, March 31, 2008


LOST 4.08: Even Ugly Fat Bad Guys Need Love Too

This was another unique format for flashback. This time it was one continuous story being told by Michael/Kevin to Desmond and Sayid. The timeline for the flashback is kinda odd mostly with regard to Tom. Tom was at the Hydra station and later at Otherville before being killed on the beach by Sawyer. Getting off the island to NYC and back can not be a quick trip even if they didn't use the sub which got destroyed by Locke. How did he do it? Maybe he used he secret gay powers. I'd like to point out that I first hypothesized he was gay back in episode 3.01. But he's dead now so I guess it doesn't matter. From the previews of the last five episodes it looks like a lot more people are going to die in the war between Ben and Widmore.

Here's more stuff we learned:
And new questions:
We got over three weeks until the next episode.


Best First Quarter Ever

Last year I added a list of Best Week Ever winners on Wikipedia. Since then, the user who has added the most to that page was some user named Murdock408. Besides BWE he also updates pages on the Saw movies, the TV show Cavemen, an outlet mall in New Jersey, and a 10 year old video game called Skull Monkeys. It's an odd collection of culture.

On January 18, 2008, unrepentant Australian party teen Corey Worthington had the best week ever.

On January 25, 2008, Ricky from Project Runway cried his way to having the best week ever.

On February 1, 2008, 80's Popstars had the best week ever.

On February 8, 2008, Everybody's Girlfriends had the best week ever. Mostly because the super bowl is over. I don't have a good video.

On February 15, 2008, a very creepy Gary Coleman had the best week ever. Here's a funny Sims version of Diff'rent Stokes.

On February 29, 2008, Man Emotions had the best week ever. Here is the clip of Jimmy Kimmel enjoying Ben Affleck

On March 7, 2008, Tyra's Ego had the best week ever. Here she is going crazy on Top Model.

On March 14, 2008, Susan Mitchell, the lady who was trapped in the closet, had the best best week ever. I don't have a clip but it was my favorite episode this year. They got to resurrect all the Trapped in the Closet jokes from years past.

On March 21, 2008, Fat Animals had the best week ever. Here's some cute fat animals.


Sunday, March 30, 2008


LOST 4.07: Is Anybody Else Coming?

The producers gave us a new flashback format: the flashback-flashforward combo. They are very tricky. There were several clues I picked up on but didn't make the conclusion. Jin had a crazy old cell phone. Also he had his old bad and violent attitude he gave up after the crash. But he's dead now. With Sun flashforwad we have a bit more clues to the rescue timeline. Sun is now over two months pregnant so her birth is going to be in summer of 2005. This means the Oceanic 6 will be rescued in the first half of 2005. Here's what else we learned:
And new questions:



Nazis and Jesus

As my TiVo is nearly empty, I've been watching lots more random television than normal. My channel of choice is The History Channel International. I watched a great show on the failure of the Spanish Armada. They failed because they were ill prepared and thought their superior numbers would give them the advantage. They were wrong. But it seems to be that the vast majority of the shows on there are either about World War II or the biblical era. It's been fun to learn a bit more about the histories we've all studies so much in the past. Here are some fun facts I've learned:
The regular History channel wastes time with shows about bigfoot, UFOs, and lumberjacks. I prefer History Channel InternationĂ¡l.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


LOST 4.06: It's Very Stressful Being an Other

I've been very neglectful in my LOST posts. I like to watch it at least twice before making my entry. I think the sixth episode was the best of season four so far. But I think Juliet is probably my favorite character so any Juliet episode is going to be great. Great story, great flashback, and great surprise ending. We got to see a new Dharma station, we got to see Jack kiss Juliet, we got an awesome chick fight, and we got to see Ben loose it. Great episode. Anyway, here's what we learned.

And the new questions:



I Know My Kid is Going to Rob a Dry Cleaners

VH1 has a new show that is very addicting because it is so wrong. It's I Know My Kid's a Star and it's awful. The first reason you shouldn't watch it the host Danny Bonaduce. Actually, he's not that bad. And he's perfect for the show. You also shouldn't watch it because of the terrible talent of the children. Most of them are awful. How did they get on this show? But the main reason not to watch the show is the most horrible stage mom in the history of stage moms, Haley's mom. Best Week Ever did a number on her last week and she deserved it. She's putting way too much pressure on daughter to buy her a dream home. And yes, her tampon is showing. Episode 2 is tonight.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Jericho Bombs Out...Again

Jericho was cancelled again this year. Last year it left with a startling cliffhanger and the fans rallied to save the show. CBS gave them a second season but then cancelled them again. The series finale airs tonight.

I'm glad they had a second season to tie up to main mystery of the show, who was responsible for the bombs. It turns out it was Halliburton. Well not really but the similarities between the fictional Jennings & Rall and Halliburtor are obvious. J&R became a big fixture this season in helping rebuild the western part of the country, reformed into the Allied States of America. They are embedded in the core of the bureaucracy and will end up owning almost everything. But it seems it was just one man in J & R who put this all together in order to eliminate J & R and what he saw as the corrupt government. We haven't seen this guy yet but we hear him on the phone. Tonight in the series finale, the mystery voice guy has stolen the last bomb and is planning on taking out Cheyenne, WY, the capitol of the ASA.

I heard they shot two different ending depending on whether or not they were renewed. Since they were cancelled we'll see that ending. There is no fan cry for renewal this time around.


Saturday, March 22, 2008


The New View Review Coming Right at You

Last week, FoDtvB Matt had a great series of blog posts about what a horrible person Elisabitch Hasselcunt is. This week we learned some more about the girls of The View.



How Clean Is Your House?

This week I was introduced to a BBC reality show called How Clean Is Your House? Domestic goddess Kim and Aggie drive all over Britain to find the filthiest houses. These houses are gross. There are people who haven't hoovered (that's British for vacuumed) their rugs in years. There are people who have never cleaned their cookers (that's British for stoves) and they are infested with filth. There are people who have a months worth of fags lying around (that's British for homosexuals).

Kim and Aggie put on their feathered rubber cleaning gloves and get these homes clean. The direct the residents to remove their clutter. Usually there's a huge pile of rubbish bags in the street at the end. Then they would bring in an industrial cleaning crew to take on the carpet, floors, and walls. In addition they show the residents how to keep things clean. And they send out the dust and dirt to the lab to see what creepy-crawlies are infesting their home. That usually motivates the targets to keep things clean. Finally, they check up on them a few weeks later to see how they been keeping up on things.

If you have BBC America, put this on your TiVo. However, like a lot of shows like this (such as Queer Eye), the formula gets a little boring after a while.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Rome If You Want To, Rome Around the World

The first two of twelve DVDs of the HBO/BBC series Rome hit my mailbox just before the weekend last week. I'm really liking it even without the full front male nudity (like the attached cropped photo of Mark Antony). It's impossible to be part of western civilization without knowing lots about The Roman Republic and Roman Empire. Since I never really did an in depth study of it in high school history or college, I never really had a good grasp of where all the parts fit together. Something I never even really thought about the transition of the Republic into the Empire. The show gets into it that and makes it fascinating. Along with the historical figures of Caesar, Mark Antony, Brutus, and Augustus (as a child), they have some fictional characters. And of course everyone is quite hot. I've only watched five of the twenty-two episodes. I can't wait for the next set this weekend. Netflix makes things some much easier.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Pop Fiction

E!'s new show Pop Fiction is on tonight. It debuted last Sunday. For weeks they have been publicizing it but not saying what at all it is about. Last week we say its a practical joke show where the target is the paparazzi-stalkarazzi-blogarazzi industry. They create fictional stories for the celebrity news to consume. Do you remember a few weeks ago when Paris was photographed with a "guru"? That was fake and set up by this show. Yet the media consumed it and spit it back out. Chelsea Lately did a whole bit about it where she had Chuy dress up like a guru for the show. Even she was fooled and its on her network.

The funny thing about this show is they can't (or have yet to) show you what the new episodes are about before they air. That's part of the premise of the show. If they let you in on what it was about, it wouldn't have that middle-finger-to-the-media factor. It's a funny show.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The Square Root of Evil

When a news story falls through the cracks, Lewis Black catches it in a segment we call Back in Black. That's how Jon Stewart has introduced Lewis Black on the Daily Show for years and years. His segments are very yelly and very funny. Finally Comedy Central is giving him his own show called Root of All Evil. In the show, Lewis Black resides over a mock trial (Mock Trial, with J. Reinhold!) where comedians act as lawyers presenting a case why someone is more evil than someone else. On tonight's premier episode who is evilier, Oprah or the Catholic Church. One of my favs from BWE is a guest lawyer, Paul F. Tompkins.
Also, there's a new South Park tonight.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Project Runaway Bus

The finale of Project Runway is tonight. It is down to Christian, Jillian, an my guy Rami. Christian does seem to be the most talented and he will probably win. Jillian already has a great career at Ralph Lauren and is clearly going to be successful. Rami has a boutique in L.A. and has created many red carpet gowns. Christian has been successful from the beginning but is a new comer with no real experience. I would love to see any of them win. Unlike last year when I decided I didn't care who won so I didn't even watch the finale. I will be happy with any of this year's but especially Rami, because he is dreamy.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


New Amsterdam

I'm excited about a new show starting tonight on FOX called New Amsterdam. On the plus side the main character is immortal. On the negative side, it looks like a standard detective show. On the plus side, the immortal is not a vampire. On the negative side, he ceases to be immortal once he finds his "true love". On the plus side he's hot.

I'm looking forward to the details of how he is immortal. Does he die and come back? Does his DNA resequence itself? Why doesn't gravity make him saggy? For a really good immortal story, rent The Man From Earth. It's very good.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Girls Next Door Season Finale

The first time I caught a segment of The Girls Next Door on TV, I was shocked. And it takes a lot to shock me. There was so much nudity. It was an episode where the girls were making a new Playboy shoot. They were strategically blurred but at first glance it looked like a bare naked lady on basic cable. Later when I was talking to friend of DtvB Matt, I was told this isn't what each episode is about and he likes the show. So I gave it another try and then made a season pass. Here are the reasons a Goldstar gay boy like me watches a show about Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.

1) It is a very well produced Celebreality show. Each episode has a story that flows to a satisfactory ending. All the themes of each episode make sense. And it doesn't really seem scripted. I know all these shows have some level of scripting but this one isn't as noticeable as Hogan Knows Best or Scott Baio is...
2) The girls are all different and they all get along. Holly, Bridget, and Kendra all have very different personalties. Unlike what you would expect when three women have a herem style relationship with one man, there is no backstabbing or in fighting. In fact they get along so well many of the episodes are about their adventures without Hef. There was just a two part Jamaica episode with an occasional phone call to Hef back at the mansion. I don't know what Kendra does all day but Bridget is working on a career in radio and Holly has become a very good photo shoot producer.
3) I love Mary. Mary O'Connor is the antithesis of the girls. She is Hef's longtime personal secretary. The best word to describe Mary is dowdy, although she would probably prefer matronly. All the craziness of the Playboy Mansion and she never does a double take or clutches her pearls. Plus her husband makes a mean baloney sandwich.
4) This show is the best example of what women will do for money and security. All these women are in their twenties and Hef is 81. Their combined ages are less than him. Holly completely believes that she and Hef are going to get married and have kids. He's 81! He already has two failed marriages and four kids, it's not the time in his life to have more kids.
5) Hef is hilarious. His routines are so rigid. He has to have his soup meal at the certain time in the afternoon. He doesn't like changes to the mansion. He has a huge staff following him around making sure he is comfortable inside and outside the mansion. He is a true rich eccentric like the ones from old movies.
6) It has the best theme song of any reality show ever. "Come on a my house a my house, I'm gonna give you caaaaandy." I want that on my iPhone. In fact, after publishing this I'm going to go search iTunes for it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


LOST 4.05: For Christmas I'm Getting You Control Issues

Besides being a really great time travel episode which opens up lots more questions, this episode really cleared up some big holes in Desmond's back story. About the only thing we don't know is the reason he went to prison. The Desmond-Penny story really is a most magnificent love story.

The "Constant" in this episode and the entire show in general is these character with huge control issues. Keamy and Omar yelled at Frank for leaving the island with Desmond and Sayid. Dr. Ray yelled at Sayid for talking to his patient. Keamy and Omar and Dr. Ray didn't want Desmond to talk to Daniel. The Sergeant wanted Desmond to follow his orders. Charlotte didn't want to Daniel to talk to Jack and Juliet about the island's time dilation properties. Why can't everyone just work together for the common good?

Here's what we've learned:
And some new questions:


Matt Damon vs. Ben Afflect

Sarah Silverman is fucking Matt Damon...on the bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door, in the tub, in the car, up against the mini bar.

And Jimmy Kimmel is fucking Ben Affleck. I wish they had a non bleeped version.



Worst Award Season Ever

I'm super glad the Writer's Strike was over well before the Academy Awards. That way there was no way they could blame that trainwreck on the absence of writers. The problem is movies suck. Of the five movies nominated I only saw one, Juno. I didn't think it was even close to Oscar worthy. The title character deserved an acting nomination but the movie itself had some fundamental problems. The biggest of which was the inconsistent narration. I'm not a big fan of narration to begin. It is a lazy way of telling the story. With Juno the narration began well into the film and was from the point of view of Juno. This denotes it is her story and thus we shouldn't see all the scenes without her in them. The winning film was about some random killer and no one saw it. A big majority of winners were not Americans. Unknown films, unknown winners, too much build up, and too many other award shows conspired to make the Oscars the least viewed show in the history of all time. The Academy needs to start nominating popular films if this venue is going to persist. I suggest letting it die.

The best thing about the Academy Awards was the first episode of The Daily Show were they blamed the low ratings on Jon, claiming not even his mother watched it. It was very funny.



LOST 4.04: That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It

There's not much about Kate's off island life we don't know by know. Of course the details of the rescue and integration of the Oceanic 6 is still a ways a way from being shown. We now know all her crimes, her arrest, and now her trial. Jack has had less chance to be a dick lately. Although Locke seems to be going over the deep end. Terry O'Quinn said on The View that Locke is very dangerous now that he has "found religion". Isn't that always true. Jack retold the crash and rescue lie that the Oceanic Six somehow agreed to on the stand to help Kate. It is not clear if this happened before or after he visiting Hurley in Santa Rosa.

Here's what we know:
And the new questions:


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