Friday, May 31, 2013


2012 Shows Getting a Second Season


What I said last May: Post Apocalyptic world where all electricity stopped working everywhere. This looks terrible and I will watch every single episode because I love post-apoc. Apparently everyone forgot about mechanical steam engines.
What I say now:  There are still two episodes left this season.  I've gone up and and on this show all season but ultimately I like it.

Chicago Fire
What I said last May: Life in a Chicago fire house. I think this will be a hit but I don't really care for shows about firemen or paramedics or doctors so much.
What I say now: I'm really surprised this was renewed because I heard so little about it all season.  Not only that, there's a mid-season spin-off planned called Chicago PD. 


What I said last May: Drama about life in the Nashville music industry. Keep this away from me.
What I say now: I never watched one episode and have no plans to start doing so.

The Neighbors
What I said last May: A family moves into a gated community only to discover everyone else are from another planet. We haven't had a great SciFi comedy in a while and I plan on watching.
What I say now: This was wonderfully entertaining. All the characters are amazing and the episodes are hilarious.


What I said last May: Modern day Sherlock Holmes moves to Manhattan after a bout in rehab and joins up with Dr. Watson played by Lucy Lui. You had me a Lucy Lui. I'll watch anything she's in.
What I say now: This show has been consistently good and surprising from the beginning.  This was easily the best new show from last year.  The slow introduction of Moriarty at the end of the season was amazing.  The big thing is they never went to the serial killer well.  Every time it seemed like there was a serial killer it turned out to be a contract killer working toward Moriarty's goal of making $1B from a complicated international monetary transfer.  Great show.

What I said last May: It's a show about The Green Arrow comic book character. I felt Smallville was kind of the Green Arrow show for the last five seasons but whatever. I'll still watch it as I like comic book TV shows.
What I say now: The show was a great mix of the Green Arrow catching bad guys now and the events Oliver went through on the island.  The creation of the team including sexy ex-Army "bodyguard" and sexy nerd-girl hacker was perfect for the show.

Beauty and the Beast
What I said last May: A remake of the 80s show with Sara Conner but this time the female lead will be Lana Lang. I didn't watch it then and I won't watch it now.
What I say now:  I never watched this and don't really know anything about it.


The Mindy Project
I somehow missed this last May.  Mindy has put together a great show that's quite funny.  We all know she and Danny are meant to be together.


The Following
This show is just terrible and people are starting to figure it out.  There was an entire article in EW called Disappointment Television.  This show is gory and completely unbelievable.  It's not coming back until January so hopefully people won't care about it by then anymore.

The Carrie Diaries
Her? This renewal surprises me.  The CW has a bunch of good shows lined up for the fall and I think this might get forgotten among the new crop.

This hasn't been officially renewed or cancelled yet.  Do people even like the Hannibal character?  I hope this doesn't get picked up.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013


CBS Fall 2013 Shows

Not much new from CBS this year.

We Are Men - Four divorced friends live in the same apartment complex and start dating again.  The clip online looks just awful despite a good cast.

Mom - Anna Faris is a single mom who also lives with her crazy mom played by Allison Janey.  It's from Chuck Lorre so it could be good like Big Bang or terrible like 2.5 men.  Either way it will be successful.

Hostages - The doctor who is going to operate on the president has her family taken hostage so she will kill the prez on the operating table.  I'm not sure how they can drag this out more than one season but it looks good.

The Millers - They had me at Will Arnet.  When parents find out that both their son and daughter have secretly gotten divorced without telling them, they get divorced and move in with both of them.

The Crazy Ones - Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are father/daughter partners in an ad agency.  The promo looks terrible.

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CW Fall 2013 Shows

Only a few new shows from The CW this fall.

The Originals - A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries about the original Vampire family.  And this one takes place in New Orleans like last season of True Blood. Does the world need another vampire TV show?

The Tomorrow People - New mutants struggle in a society that doesn't understand them and hunt them down.  I like a good X-Men type show but I hate when TV shows misuse the term evolution.  People don't evolve, populations evolve.  And populations evolve over many more generations than could possibly be observed.

Reign - A period show about Mary Queen of Scots.  A 450 year old tale of British royal intrigue and a religious war.  This will be a colossal failure.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


ABC Fall 2013

Here's my take on ABC's new fall shows:

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - It's the Avengers TV show without any of the Avengers.  This looks like it will be the big hit of the fall.  I can't wait for this.

The Goldbergs
- It's that 80s show.  A family show with the youngest always with his full sized video camera to follow the family's antics.  The hot blond cop from Reno: 911 is the mom and I was on board with just that.

Trophy Wife - The young third wife must deal with the two previous ex-wives and her step-children in her new marriage.  I'll give this a try.

Lucky 7 - A group of coworkers win the lottery together.  This could go either way.

Back In The Game - Oh my this looks bad.  This looks like the Bad News Bears the TV show, but really bad.  I couldn't make it through the YouTube clip on the show.

Super Fun Night - Rebel Wilson is the best and I'm happy she has a show. 

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland - While the regular Once Upon a Time has been centered on The Enchanted Forest and more recently Neverland, the new series will be deal with Alice and the characters of Wonderland.  I felt that land has been under utilized in the existing show so I'm happy about this.

Betrayal - A woman has an affair with the man her husband is trying to prosecute.  This looks like an interesting story I can't see how they could make this into a series.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


FOX Fall 2013 Shows

Here are the new fall shows on FOX.

Sleepy Hollow - Ichabod Crane wakes up in the present after being dead or asleep for 250 years.  Then he teams up with a modern detective to try to stop the headless horseman from killing more people.  I like the way this looks.

Almost Human - A cop drama in the future with a cop teamed with a robot or something.  This show will go down in flames.

Dads - Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi stars as friends who work at a game company who each have their dads move in with them.  It sounds good but multi-camera sitcomes don't usually work on FOX.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - SNL's Andy Samberg stars in a buddy cop comedy as goofy but effective detectives and their no nonsense new captain.  This looks great especially with Andy Samberg. involved.

Enlisted - Three brothers serve together in the army.  It looks like Stripes the TV show.  It might be worth a watch.

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Monday, May 27, 2013


NBC Fall 2013 Shows

Here's my take on the NBC fall schedule.

The Blacklist - James Spader is a fugitive who begins working with the FBI to help them find other bad guys.  I like this new take on the old bad-guy-helps-the-good-guys mostly because of James Spader.

Ironside - A remake of the classic Raymond Burr show starring Blair Underwood.  Even with Blair Underwood, this looks terrible.  I couldn't even make it through the entire YouYube clip.

Dracula - Another vampire show, really?  But what this has going for it is Victorian London.  I might just give this a chance.

Welcome To the Family - A comedy about two mismatched families come together when their kids get together and get pregnant.  The daughter is a bit of a loser and the son is an over achiever.  This could be OK.

Sean Saves the World - A traditional multi-camera sitcom starring Sean Hayes as a single dad balancing his busy job and his daughter.  Could this be the next new hit multi-camera sitcom?  The last one was Big Bang Theory?

The Michael J Fox Show - Everyone loves Michael J Fox.  His character returns as a New York City newscaster after being diagnosed with Parkinson's, just in like real life.  This will certainly be a hit.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Loving #northamerica on #discovery. Although I'm always rooting for the predators.


#Elementary finale was amazing. Love #Moriaty.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Great news #Community was renewed, sad news #HappyEndings was not

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