Monday, November 02, 2009


Full Frontal Battlestar Galactica

Last night I watched the direct to DVD follow-up movie to Battlestar Galactica called The Plan. It was an interesting back fill story which shows alternative views to many of the events from the first two seasons starting shortly before the attack on the 12 Colonies. There's not much new info but it is great to see how Brothers Cavil's "Plan" hits one snag after another. Since it is a direct to DVD movie, there is some nudity. First we see the boobies from the stripper/bartender on Picon as Ellen meets Brother Cavil shortly before the attack. Later there's a most gratuitous hot Galactica bathroom scene with a hot naked ass and a full frontal shot of the same extra with very nice bait and tackle. But the attack on the 12 Colonies is the best part of the movie. We get to see more of the planets before they are engulfed in flames. So overall I give the movie a thumbs up. Get it now.


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