Tuesday, May 22, 2018


NBC Fall 2018 Shows, my impressions...

There's not a lot new from NBC this fall.


A plane hits turbulence and land five and a half years later. With the airplane device, this mystery draws a lot of parallels to LOST. But unlike most LOST wannabees (Invasion, Threshold, Surface, The Event, FlashForward) this one looks good. Although I said that about a lot of those shows.

New Amsterdam
Doctor show with a far too young medical director at the country's oldest hospital. I didn't make it through the trailer as there is a zero percent chance of me ever watching this.

I Feel Bad
This looks hilarious. It's a family comedy and an office comedy. A working mom has a chaotic home life and works at a start-up with a bunch of millennials. Amy Poehler is producing.

And that's it, except for the...

Abby's - Unlicensed backyard bar
The Village - This is Us, but in Brooklyn
The Enemy Within - A spy in prison helps solve crimes
The Guilded Age - Downtown Abbey in New York in the 1880s


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