Monday, May 21, 2018


CBS Fall 2018 Shows, my impressions...

Magnum PI
Everything old is new again. And a lot of time, that is OK with me. Magnum looks as sexy as ever. And I love Higgins as a woman and mega-hacker and possible love interest.

God Friended Me
This looks so bad I couldn't make it through the trailer. An atheist radio host gets a literal friend request from god. So either god is a dick and can present evidence of his existence and just doesn't for all but one person or this guy is having a psychic break. Either way, dick god or mental illness does not make for a good show. Keven (Probably) Saves the World was a much better version of this concept. Too bad ABC cancelled that after only of season.

The Neighborhood
A white family from Michigan moves into a black neighborhood in LA. I didn't find one thing funny in the trailer.

Happy Together
The biggest pop star in the world, moves in with his accountant to get away from the poparazzi. Unlike The Neighborhood, this trailer made me laugh all the way through. And I love Damon Wayans Jr.

Remember Quantico? It's mostly that without the huge cast and non-linear storytelling. Seems like a good fit on the network with all the CSIs and other letters.

Murphy Brown
She's back and like Magnum PI, I'm on board. I stopped watching after the first baby season.

The Red Line - White cop kills black doctor in Chicago
The Code - Military lawyers
Fam - Train-wreck sister moves in


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