Sunday, June 11, 2017


The CW Fall 2017 Shows, my impressions...

The CW has a rather solid schedule. They only have a few new shows to add this year.

Dynasty is back! At the start, the big feud seems to be between the Ivanka-like Fallon and the business executive Cristal. These are great improvements over the original female characters. The gay son Steven is around too, but no one cares anymore that he is gay. Except that he is having an affair with his new step-mom's nephew. This looks amazing. I really hope they bring Alexis in at the start of season two like in the original.

Black Lightning
Another superhero show set in the Arrow-verse. Or at least I'm assuming it's in the same universe. It's not a direct spin-off like the last Flash and Legends. What I love about this is it not an origin story. Black Lightning gave up being a hero long ago and now has to return. It's also in New Orleans and I love that city.

Life Sentence
A new comedy-drama to go along with Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This one is about a young woman who suddenly finds out her terminal cancer is cured. All the stuff she did thinking there would be no tomorrow and no consequences start to pile up. I enjoy the CW comedies but I may not have time for this one.

Oh look, another special forces TV. Does this make three? This one looks like it might be about POWs. I'll skip all these, thank you very much.


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