Wednesday, May 17, 2017


NBC Fall 2017 Shows, my impressions...

It's upfronts week. NBC and Fox were the first with their announcements on Monday. Last year I missed making these reports because I was working hard on my book, available on Amazon. NBC only has three new shows on their fall schedule.

Will & Grace
I wrote about this earlier but I'm still so excited this is happening. Will they just ignore the future events of the finale or just jump to their kids going to college? Either way I will totally watch this. The trailer is awesome as the cast preforms a version of As If We Never Said Goodbye from Sunset BLVD.

The Brave
An elite team rescues people from bad guys in bad parts of the world. This is total not Seal Team. It's a totally different show. The trailer is a bit confusing as to who is the star and they give away the ending of the first episode I think. It stars that guy from Under the Dome and Anne Heche.

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders
True crime is a big deal right now and NBC is getting in on it. The Menendez murders was quickly overshadowed by OJ and Jean Benet Ramsey, but it was a big deal when it happened.

In addition to the scheduled fall shows, these are the other shows on order. There are no trailers for these.

Good Girls
Thelma and Louis the TV show? Except there's three of them. That's what it sounds like.

A hostage negotiator and college professor uses VR technology to live out fantasy lives. Ready Player One doesn't come out until next year, maybe this is trying to get a jump on that.

Ted Mosby becomes a drama teacher and inspires students and the small town.

AP Bio
The new biology teacher uses his smart students for his own purposes.

A hot guy who lives with his hotter brother finds out he has a teenage son and laughs ensue.

The Awesome Show
New tech gets showcased each week.

Ellen's Game of Games
A new game show with trivia and physical challenges. Ellen's always funny.

Genius Junior
A game show for smart kids hosted by NPH.

The Handmade Project
This is a version of a cooking show challenge but with crafting. Really?

Other than Will & Grace, I'm a little disappointed in NBC

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