Monday, May 08, 2017


2017 Straight To Series, my impressions

We are one week away from the official upfronts events. I skipped out on my usually upfronts run-down last years as I was working hard on finishing my book.

Entertainment weekly wrote up all the pilot candidates up for consideration this year. Check it out here. In that list there were four series which were ordered direct to series. This happens occasionally when the network thinks a concept is that good. I'm going to watch all four of these shows.

Orville - Fox
A science fiction comedy series about a ship that not exactly the Galaxy Class Flagship. Seth McFarlene with write, produce, and star. Bobbi from SHIELD plays the first officer and ex-wife of the captain. This looks better than the new Star Trek series from CBS that never seems to ever going to happen.

Inhumans - ABC

Set in the MCU, Inhumans isn't exactly a spin-off of Agents of SHIELD. That show has had inhumans for two seasons. This show is about the royal family that was supposed to be a movie but never quite made it. I don't know how they are going to do Medusa. That's a very heavy CG character if there ever was one.

Young Sheldon - CBS
This spin-off of The Big Bang Theory is obviously about Sheldon growing up in Texas with his religious mother, alcoholic father, older brother, and twin sister. The show starts when he is nine years old so that means if there is a season three, he will be in college then. There's always room for more TV shows set in the 80s.

Will & Grace - NBC
Netflix asked NBC for the rights for a Will & Grace reunion and NBC responded, "Thanks for the idea, suckers!" I'm not sure how this will work since in the finale, it was established that Will and Grace didn't talk to each other for 20 years. It's only been 11 years. I would be perfectly fine if they speed up the timeline and have them pick up with their kids going to college in the first episode. Soaps age characters up much faster than this.


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