Sunday, May 17, 2015


CBS Fall 2015 Shows

I rarely watch CBS but they have a few good prospects.

Life in Pieces
A family comedy with two of my favorites Dianne Weist and Colin Hanks. It’s the new Parenthood. Definitely Yes

Superman’s cousin’s origin story. Even though she was older than Kal El when they left Krypton, she arrived later. And as every superhero needs a team, hers includes her human sister, a nerdy coworker, and Jimmy Olsen. We have hit Peak Superhero. Definitely Yes

Code Black
It’s ER but in LA. I couldn’t make it through 2 minutes of the trailer before I lost interest. Definitely No

Angel From Hell
Sue Sylvester is Jules from Pysch’s guardian angel. I like the case so I’ll give it a shot. Probably Yes

Based on the movie I have yet to watch staring Bradley Cooper, a guy takes a pill and becomes superhero smart. I consider this a superhero show. Also Definitely Yes

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