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2014 Shows Getting a Second Season

The Mysteries of Laura
What I said last year: Grace is back now a NYPD detective and single mom.  Probably yes.
What I say now: I didn't have time for this in the fall and I don't regret it. It's just no for me.

How To Get Away With Murder
What I said last year: Law students and their professor is also a high end defense attorney. Looks like the plot of Legally Blonde.  Probably no.
What I say now: This was a hit from the first episode. I don't know how they will continue to be her students as she teaches a first year law school class.

What I said last year: The father of a rich black family is worried his family is loosing their blackness.  Probably no.
What I say now: This was a hit it just never interested me.

Secrets and Lies
What I said last year: Ryan Phillip is a dad accused of killing a neighborhood boy.  Julliete Lewis is the detective investigating.  Looks good but I’m not sure how they can stretch this into a series. Probably yes.
What I say now: This came during a busy mid-season so I never watched this. The busy summer schedule means its probably not going to be a catch-up show.

American Crime
What I said last year: Another show about one murder.  The victim is white and suspect is Latino with lots of racial discussion.  Also, how could this stretch into a series.  Probably yes.
What I say now: I regret not making time for this show. I hope to catch up over the summer

What I said last year: No joke this is a musical comedy about a medieval knight.  This will be an amazing flop of which I will watch every episode.  Definitely yes.
What I say now: This was great and I'm super surprised it was renewed. I'm in for the long haul.

Fresh Off The Boat
What I said last year: An Asian family is running a cowboy steak restaurant in 1990’s Orlando.  The 90’s setting is what make this look good.  Probably yes.
What I say now: I have most of the episodes on my DVR and I haven't decided if I want to pick this show up for the summer.

Agent Carter
What I said last year: Didn't say anything
What I say now: The limited run (8 episodes) was brilliant. It looks like they might be doing only another 8 episodes next year. This is another brilliant idea. Not everything needs to be the traditional network series.

Madam Secretary
What I said last year: A former CIA agent turned college professor becomes Secretary of State.  Looks really good plus Bebe Neuwirth is in it.  Definitely yes.
What I say now: I just didn't have time in my super busy Sunday schedule to watch this. Had it been on a different night I probably would have watched this.

What I said last year: A genius hacker and his startup friends get drafted by the CIA to solve problems. The problem I have is the first problem isn't a problem. The first episode is about trying to get the air traffic control software back online at LAX so the planes don't crash. This assumes the the pilots can neither fly without computers or be reached by radio.  Bad writing from the start. Definitely no.
What I say now: How did this get a full season much less a second season. I weep for CBS.

CSI: New Orleans
What I said last year: I haven't watch one episode from the franchise so I'm not starting now. Definitely no.
What I say now: No thank you.

What I said last year: It's Smallville but with Batman.  This will either be amazing or the worst thing on TV.  Regardless, definitely yes.
What I say now: This got bad and boring super fast. Do we really need another Batman? The answer is no.

Last Man on Earth
What I said last year: Will Forte is the last man on Earth.  Why? Undetermined.  Is there a last woman on Earth? Undetermined. Definitely yes
What I say now: Phil is a chronic liar and I almost dropped this show. There were a lot of twists and it was hard to watch at times but I think it ended well. I will watched next season just to see Jason Sudeikis as Phil's brother.

What I said last year: It's Dynasty but with a black family and a music empire.  It even has the disappointing gay son. Definitely no.
What I say now: This was a huge hit. I plan on watching the first season over the summer. "Tell me why I shouldn't throw this drink in your bitch ass face?"

The CW
The Flash
What I said last year: I think this is my top pick for the fall.  They previewed Barry Allen with a two episode arc on Arrow this season.  Superhero shows are the best when there is a good support team behind them and The Flash has one.  Definitely yes.
What I say now: This show was amazing. The first season was so dense I don't know where they can go from here.

Jane The Virgin
What I said last year: A virgin gets accidentally artificially inseminated.  Why does this exist?  Definitely no no no.
What I say now: A friend of mine said this was they best new show of the year. I do plan on catching up on this show over the summer.

What I said last year: Didn't say anything
What I say now: Looks good but I just don't think I have the time for another show. I hope to put this on my summer list.

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