Thursday, May 21, 2015


Cancelled Shows 2015

Here are the shows that ended this year after more than one season.

Parks and Recreation - This show had a scheduled ending after 7 seasons. The final season was in the future and the final episode showed the full future history of all our beloved characters. I still have the whole season on my DVR to rewatch over the summer

Parenthood - I stopped watching a few seasons ago. This was a scheduled ending.

Revenge - Even though it wasn't an official final season it was kinda like they knew it was the final season as soon as they killed off Daniel. It was a good ending that could have possibly led to another season but didn't have to. This is the photo I posted four years ago with some augmentation.

Resurrection - I didn't pick it up in the second season.

The Millers - Sean Hayes was added to this season but they still cancelled it quickly at the start of the season.

CSI - This ended this year? How did I not know about this? It was on for 15 seasons and I never watched one.

The Mentalist - The rip-off of Psych that I never watched. Still don't care.

The Following - I only watched the first episode and it was terrible. I can't believe it got a second season before it was cancelled.

The CW
Hart of Dixie - I love Rachel Bilson but I never watched one episode.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


2014 Shows Getting a Second Season

The Mysteries of Laura
What I said last year: Grace is back now a NYPD detective and single mom.  Probably yes.
What I say now: I didn't have time for this in the fall and I don't regret it. It's just no for me.

How To Get Away With Murder
What I said last year: Law students and their professor is also a high end defense attorney. Looks like the plot of Legally Blonde.  Probably no.
What I say now: This was a hit from the first episode. I don't know how they will continue to be her students as she teaches a first year law school class.

What I said last year: The father of a rich black family is worried his family is loosing their blackness.  Probably no.
What I say now: This was a hit it just never interested me.

Secrets and Lies
What I said last year: Ryan Phillip is a dad accused of killing a neighborhood boy.  Julliete Lewis is the detective investigating.  Looks good but I’m not sure how they can stretch this into a series. Probably yes.
What I say now: This came during a busy mid-season so I never watched this. The busy summer schedule means its probably not going to be a catch-up show.

American Crime
What I said last year: Another show about one murder.  The victim is white and suspect is Latino with lots of racial discussion.  Also, how could this stretch into a series.  Probably yes.
What I say now: I regret not making time for this show. I hope to catch up over the summer

What I said last year: No joke this is a musical comedy about a medieval knight.  This will be an amazing flop of which I will watch every episode.  Definitely yes.
What I say now: This was great and I'm super surprised it was renewed. I'm in for the long haul.

Fresh Off The Boat
What I said last year: An Asian family is running a cowboy steak restaurant in 1990’s Orlando.  The 90’s setting is what make this look good.  Probably yes.
What I say now: I have most of the episodes on my DVR and I haven't decided if I want to pick this show up for the summer.

Agent Carter
What I said last year: Didn't say anything
What I say now: The limited run (8 episodes) was brilliant. It looks like they might be doing only another 8 episodes next year. This is another brilliant idea. Not everything needs to be the traditional network series.

Madam Secretary
What I said last year: A former CIA agent turned college professor becomes Secretary of State.  Looks really good plus Bebe Neuwirth is in it.  Definitely yes.
What I say now: I just didn't have time in my super busy Sunday schedule to watch this. Had it been on a different night I probably would have watched this.

What I said last year: A genius hacker and his startup friends get drafted by the CIA to solve problems. The problem I have is the first problem isn't a problem. The first episode is about trying to get the air traffic control software back online at LAX so the planes don't crash. This assumes the the pilots can neither fly without computers or be reached by radio.  Bad writing from the start. Definitely no.
What I say now: How did this get a full season much less a second season. I weep for CBS.

CSI: New Orleans
What I said last year: I haven't watch one episode from the franchise so I'm not starting now. Definitely no.
What I say now: No thank you.

What I said last year: It's Smallville but with Batman.  This will either be amazing or the worst thing on TV.  Regardless, definitely yes.
What I say now: This got bad and boring super fast. Do we really need another Batman? The answer is no.

Last Man on Earth
What I said last year: Will Forte is the last man on Earth.  Why? Undetermined.  Is there a last woman on Earth? Undetermined. Definitely yes
What I say now: Phil is a chronic liar and I almost dropped this show. There were a lot of twists and it was hard to watch at times but I think it ended well. I will watched next season just to see Jason Sudeikis as Phil's brother.

What I said last year: It's Dynasty but with a black family and a music empire.  It even has the disappointing gay son. Definitely no.
What I say now: This was a huge hit. I plan on watching the first season over the summer. "Tell me why I shouldn't throw this drink in your bitch ass face?"

The CW
The Flash
What I said last year: I think this is my top pick for the fall.  They previewed Barry Allen with a two episode arc on Arrow this season.  Superhero shows are the best when there is a good support team behind them and The Flash has one.  Definitely yes.
What I say now: This show was amazing. The first season was so dense I don't know where they can go from here.

Jane The Virgin
What I said last year: A virgin gets accidentally artificially inseminated.  Why does this exist?  Definitely no no no.
What I say now: A friend of mine said this was they best new show of the year. I do plan on catching up on this show over the summer.

What I said last year: Didn't say anything
What I say now: Looks good but I just don't think I have the time for another show. I hope to put this on my summer list.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


CW 2015 Fall Shows

As usual only a few shows on The CW.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 
So a woman moves across country to be near a guy. This is the plot of too many bad movies I’m glad this bad behavior is finally considered ‘crazy’. Probably No

Legends of Tomorrow 
The Atom, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, White Canary, Captain Cold, and Heatwave are recruited by time traveler Kip Hunter to stop one of my favorite DC villains Vandal Savage. We have reached Peak Superhero. Definitely yes

A virus breaks out and they close down sections of Atlanta to contain it. I’m in. Definitely Yes.

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Monday, May 18, 2015


FOX Fall 2015 Shows

FOX also seems to have a lot to offer in the coming year.

The Grinder
Rob Lowe is a TV Lawyer whose long term series just ended. His brother is a real lawyer who is not very assertive. Together they make the perfect lawyer. Wait, isn’t Rob Lowe on the NBC show about the end of the world? Probably Yes

John Stamos finds out he had an adult son and an infant granddaughter. This might be good. Probably Yes

Minority Report
Based on the movie, one of the former precogs joins with the police to try to stop crimes after the pre-crime program was shut down. I love SciFi so Definitely Yes

Like the sadly canceled Body of Proof, this is a hot cop partnered with a hot medical examiner. The thing is, the ME (Rosewood) has only 10 years to live at the best. Looks good but this season is already very full. Probably No

Scream Queens
New horror-comedy anthology from Glee and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy. Definitely Yes

The devil gets bored and leaves hell to solve crime in LA. No really this looks good as it is based on the DC comic series of the same name. Definitely Ye

The Frankenstein Code
An old sheriff is murdered and scientists insert his brain in a new super hot body. I’m skeptical so Probably Yes

The Guide to Surviving Life
Millennials working and living together. Could be fun. Probably Yes

An animated show about life on the Mexican border. I’m not impressed. Probably No

Earlier this year Chris Hardwick interview Gillian Anderson and they started the idea of an X-Files reboot and it took off from there. It start next January and I couldn’t be more pleased. Definitely Yes

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Sunday, May 17, 2015


CBS Fall 2015 Shows

I rarely watch CBS but they have a few good prospects.

Life in Pieces
A family comedy with two of my favorites Dianne Weist and Colin Hanks. It’s the new Parenthood. Definitely Yes

Superman’s cousin’s origin story. Even though she was older than Kal El when they left Krypton, she arrived later. And as every superhero needs a team, hers includes her human sister, a nerdy coworker, and Jimmy Olsen. We have hit Peak Superhero. Definitely Yes

Code Black
It’s ER but in LA. I couldn’t make it through 2 minutes of the trailer before I lost interest. Definitely No

Angel From Hell
Sue Sylvester is Jules from Pysch’s guardian angel. I like the case so I’ll give it a shot. Probably Yes

Based on the movie I have yet to watch staring Bradley Cooper, a guy takes a pill and becomes superhero smart. I consider this a superhero show. Also Definitely Yes

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Saturday, May 16, 2015


Finally watched the #Castle finale. I love a clean ending when the next season isn't a done deal. Great season!


#CongratsTeamSoCal! Tyler is the hottest Amazing Racer despite his odd dad shirt in the finally


ABC Fall 2015 Shows

ABC has the strongest slate of new shows. This is probably why they opted against another SHIELD spin-off. Why bother when you have so many winners. Maybe next year Lance and Bobbi.

Dr. Ken
Senior Chang gets his one show about his life before became an actor. It’s a family comedy and office comedy. Asians are in right now. Definitely Yes

The Muppets
The Muppets are back. The End. Definitely Yes

Of Kings and Prophets
Religious fanatics kill men, women, and children because their god tells them to. No, it’s not ISIS it’s the biblical story of Saul and David. Definitely no

The oil boom is on in North Dakota. This looks so bad I couldn’t make it through the trailer. Definitely No

At first I thought this would suck, but after watching the trailer, I’m hooked. It looks like they are doing the two concurrent storyline one in the past while the main character is in FBI training at Quantico and the present story where she is trying to solve the bombing of Grand Central she was framed for.

Mid season

The Catch
Con artists and private investigators. Yes and Yes. Definitely Yes

The Family
The child of a small town politician returns after being kidnapped and presumed dead for ten years. But is it really him or an imposter set up by a rival or his “mother” to propel her into the governors mansion. Definitely Yes

The Real O’Neals
From Dan Savage, a teenage boy comes out to his family but that not even close to the biggest scandal they have. This looks hilarious. Definitely Yes

Uncle Buck
Based on the John Candy movie which also had a spin-off series in the 90s, Uncle Buck is the bad sheep baby sitter. Unlike the movie and the first TV show, I might actually watch this. Probably Yes

Wicked City
A serial killer is murdered women in 1982 Las Angeles. The only serial killer shows I will watch are retro shows. Also he said one of my favorite lines, “What about my needs?” in the trailer. If another character said, “This is my special day” I would think someone is reading my mind. Definitely Yes

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Friday, May 15, 2015


Just finished watching the rest of #BigBangTheory #SadEnding


NBC Fall 2015 Shows

The upfronts are out this week. NBC created new YouTube channels for each of its new shows which I find odd. All the other networks just have them on their regular channels. First let's look at the fall shows.

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris 
A live variety show in Prime Time? I’ll watch this but it is going to end badly like they always do. Definitely Yes

A woman is found covered in new tattoos which have the secret to a vast conspiracy. She has no memory but she and an FBI agent have to figure things out. I’m not sure about how this would would. Episode 8: oh here’s a tattoo we haven’t noticed, let’s go figure out what this means.  Probably No

She’s a hot doctor and one of the world’s top cardiologist. From the trailer she has to balance saving lives with obtaining funding. I’m not not interested. Definitely No

Heroes Reborn 
If you watch the original series, every season they made up a new back story as to why people had powers so I guess they are starting again. We are approaching Peak Superhero. Probably Yes

People Are Talking 
Another comedy about hot 30-somethings. I just can’t quit those. Definitely Yes

The Player 
A former special forces operative tries to stop crimes while one percenters gamble on whether he will succeed or not. I love high concept TV shows but this one is a bit to out there for me even with the Las Vegas angel. Definitely No

Here's what's in store for mid-season. If the current season means all the way through next summer.

Hot & Bothered 
Eva Longoria is a telenovela star and this show is about her home and work life. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Definitely Yes

Chicago Med 
As we approach Peak Superhero this show also shows we are approaching Peak Chicago. This is the newest in the Fire-PD franchise neither of which I watch. Definitely No

I love Patrick Warburton and this looks like a funny family comedy where the rest of the family won’t leave them alone.

Coach Didn’t watch it then, won’t watch it now. Definitely No

A workplace comedy about a superstore starring Ugly Betty. Definitely yes

You, Me and the End of The World 
A comet is heading to destroy the Earth and hilarity ensues. Definitely Yes

Definitely yes - I will watch every episode
Probably yes - I will watch the pilot
Probably no - I might watch the pilot
Definitely no - I won't even watch the pilot

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Finally caught up with #ChildrensHospital, ready for a new episode later tonight

Saturday, May 09, 2015


I'm so disappointed in #Vice for their faux news hatchet job on GMOs filled with mistakes, half truths, and scare tactics. They used to be a credible news source.

I'll be skipping all future reports from correspondent Isobel Yeung who doesn't know even simple things like the definition of subsistence farming and falsely compares the modern Monsanto with Agent Orange. Monsanto split off the chemical and pharmaceutical divisions in the 90s. All studies showing no safety issues with GMOs were ignored. This was the failure journalistic integrity I've seen on an otherwise exceptional news show. Shame on everyone involved.

Friday, May 08, 2015


My life will never be complete now that #CheerleaderDeathSquad wasn't picked up.

I still want to watch the pilot. Internet, make that happen

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