Tuesday, May 27, 2014


FOX Fall 2014 Shows

It's Smallville but with Batman.  This will either be amazing or the worst thing on TV.  Regardless, definitely yes.

Wayward Pines
An FBI guy wakes after a car crash in an odd town and soon discovers he can't leave.  Looks super creepy and cool.  Definitely yes.

Dwight from the Office is a brilliant but self destructive police detective.  Probably yes.

John Mulaney is hilarious.  I'll watch any thing he's in including a multi-camera sitcom.  Definitely yes.

Drama, intrigue and maybe magic in ancient Egypt.  FOX is trying to make its own Game of Thrones. Probably not.

It's Dynasty but with a black family and a music empire.  It even has the disappointing gay son. Definitely no.

The American remake of Broadchurch.  This is a 10 episode miniseries.  Originally I wasn't planning on watching since I already know who did it by watching the British version.  But the trailer looks great so this gets a Definite Yes.

The Last Man on Earth
Will Forte is the last man on Earth.  Why? Undetermined.  Is there a last woman on Earth? Undetermined. Definitely yes.

A year long reality show about people creating a complete society.  Sounds interesting.  Probably yes.

Red Band Society
A bunch of kids with cancer make friends at the hospital where they live.  Seriously? Ugh, definitely no.

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lots of good shows. I can't wait!
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