Thursday, May 29, 2014


CBS Fall 2014 Shows

Madam Secretary
A former CIA agent turned college professor becomes Secretary of State.  Looks really good plus Bebe Neuwirth is in it.  Definitely yes.

A genius hacker and his startup friends get drafted by the CIA to solve problems.  The problem I have is the first problem isn't a problem.  The first episode is about trying to get the air traffic control software back online at LAX so the planes don't crash.  This assumes the the pilots can neither fly without computers or be reached by radio.  Bad writing from the start.  Definitely no.

NCIS: New Orleans
I haven't watch one episode from the franchise so I'm not starting now.  Definitely no.

Detectives in the stalker division of the LAPD.  Wait, there's a stalker division of the LAPD?  Probably no.

The McCarthys
Four grown siblings spend way to much time together including one gay brother.  Could be good. Probably yes.

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