Friday, May 30, 2014


2013 Shows Getting a Second Season

The Blacklist
What I said last year: James Spader is a fugitive who begins working with the FBI to help them find other bad guys.  I like this new take on the old bad-guy-helps-the-good-guys mostly because of James Spader.
What I say now: NBC's sole survivor was a consistently good show all season.  The stories have been great and the arc has been compelling.  He's probably her father.

Sleepy Hollow
What I said last year: Ichabod Crane wakes up in the present after being dead or asleep for 250 years. Then he teams up with a modern detective to try to stop the headless horseman from killing more people.  I like the way this looks.
What I say now: I haven't watched this yet but it's on my summer list.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
What I said last year: SNL's Andy Samberg stars in a buddy cop comedy as goofy but effective detectives and their no nonsense new captain.  This looks great especially with Andy Samberg. involved.
What I say now: This show has been great because of great writing and great characters.  Looking forward to much more.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
What I said last year: It's the Avengers TV show without any of the Avengers.  This looks like it will be the big hit of the fall.  I can't wait for this.
What I say now: Great show I look forward to each week.  The way they integrate in into the Avengers movies (Thor, Captain America) has been unlike anything seen before on TV.  And next year we get another S.H.I.E.L.D. show set in the post-war 40s.

The Goldbergs
What I said last year: It's that 80s show.  A family show with the youngest always with his full sized video camera to follow the family's antics.  The hot blond cop from Reno: 911 is the mom and I was on board with just that.
What I say now: This show is great.  I love the nebulous 1980-something setting.  But it's the ensemble that makes this show one of the best shows on TV right now.  Everyone of them is wonderful with Wendi Mclendon-Covey at the top of her game.

The CW
The Originals
What I said last year: A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries about the original Vampire family.  And this one takes place in New Orleans like last season of True Blood. Does the world need another vampire TV show?
What I say now: I guess the world does need another vampire TV show.

What I said last year: Anna Faris is a single mom who also lives with her crazy mom played by Allison Janey.  It's from Chuck Lorre so it could be good like Big Bang or terrible like 2.5 men.  Either way it will be successful.
What I say now: I watched the first few episodes which were quite funny.  I stopped because I realized I didn't like or care about one single character.

The Millers
What I said last year: They had me at Will Arnet.  When parents find out that both their son and daughter have secretly gotten divorced without telling them, they get divorced and move in with both of them.
What I say now: I missed the first few episodes and it looked like it was going to be cancelled.  Now that it's been renewed I think I might catch up this summer.

The 100
The CW show about humans returning to a post atomic wasteland from space stations has been very good.  Many people have died on the ground and in space but the Earth still has lots of grounders.

About a Boy
NBC's only comedy.  I haven't watched it yet.  It might make it on my list next fall.

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