Monday, May 27, 2013


NBC Fall 2013 Shows

Here's my take on the NBC fall schedule.

The Blacklist - James Spader is a fugitive who begins working with the FBI to help them find other bad guys.  I like this new take on the old bad-guy-helps-the-good-guys mostly because of James Spader.

Ironside - A remake of the classic Raymond Burr show starring Blair Underwood.  Even with Blair Underwood, this looks terrible.  I couldn't even make it through the entire YouYube clip.

Dracula - Another vampire show, really?  But what this has going for it is Victorian London.  I might just give this a chance.

Welcome To the Family - A comedy about two mismatched families come together when their kids get together and get pregnant.  The daughter is a bit of a loser and the son is an over achiever.  This could be OK.

Sean Saves the World - A traditional multi-camera sitcom starring Sean Hayes as a single dad balancing his busy job and his daughter.  Could this be the next new hit multi-camera sitcom?  The last one was Big Bang Theory?

The Michael J Fox Show - Everyone loves Michael J Fox.  His character returns as a New York City newscaster after being diagnosed with Parkinson's, just in like real life.  This will certainly be a hit.

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more vampire shows yay!
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