Tuesday, May 28, 2013


FOX Fall 2013 Shows

Here are the new fall shows on FOX.

Sleepy Hollow - Ichabod Crane wakes up in the present after being dead or asleep for 250 years.  Then he teams up with a modern detective to try to stop the headless horseman from killing more people.  I like the way this looks.

Almost Human - A cop drama in the future with a cop teamed with a robot or something.  This show will go down in flames.

Dads - Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi stars as friends who work at a game company who each have their dads move in with them.  It sounds good but multi-camera sitcomes don't usually work on FOX.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - SNL's Andy Samberg stars in a buddy cop comedy as goofy but effective detectives and their no nonsense new captain.  This looks great especially with Andy Samberg. involved.

Enlisted - Three brothers serve together in the army.  It looks like Stripes the TV show.  It might be worth a watch.

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