Wednesday, May 18, 2011


FOX New Fall 2011 Shows

Five new shows on FOX this fall. However FOX does not allow me to embed any of their videos. Lame.

Allen Gregory
It's a new animated comedy about a 2nd grader who acts like a middle aged business man. Also he has two dads and he's in love with his principal. This looks like a great addition to Animation Domination.

Terra Nova
This is getting lots of good buzz. I'm going to lower my exceptions but keep things hopeful for the new dinosaur adventure. Yay, dinosaurs!

New Girl
Zooey Deschanel moves in with three male roommates and they all become great friends. I hope this is good.

The show that brought us Susan Boyle in the UK is finally in the US with Simon. Do we really need another reality singing competition? Apparently yes.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter
The wonderful Jamie Presley returns in this mother-daughter comedy It should be good.

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