Thursday, May 19, 2011


ABC New Fall 2011 Shows

Charlie's Angels
I was so ready to hate this show but the preview looks great. Like really great. Bad girls are recruited to be a team of problem solving PIs working for unseen Charlie in sultry Miami. I can't wait.

Pan Am

This is one of the most anticipated shows of the fall. The escapades of pilots and flight attendance at the dawn of the jet age. I think this will be a big winner, for the first season at least. Let's see how it holds up year after year.

Once Upon A Time

This one is a bit confusing. Townsfolk in a mysterious New England town are actually fairy tale characters and they don't even know it. Or something like that.

Last Name Standing

Tim Allen is back as a dad living in the women's world of his wife and daughters. I'm not a big Tim Allen fan so I'll skip it. Also it just seems like we've seen this before.

Man UP
Three best friends deal with life and relationships and play lots of Call Of Duty together. This could be good.


A teenage girl and her single father move from Manhattan to a suburban nightmare. She is literally to cool for this school. Angsty teen comedies never last but maybe this will.


There's a new girl in town at the Hamptons and she's pissed. And killing people so some reason. Rich people getting what's coming to them, always a good time.

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