Tuesday, February 23, 2010


LOST 6.03 - I'd Better Put On Some Pants

Yay for LOST on Tueday! Last week was a great episode. Much better than the disappointing second episode. I think I didn't like that episode because it was all about Kate and Jack and those are my least favorite characters. Last week was about Locke and Smokey-Locke. We learned a big deal about why these people are important. The numbers showed up again but no real reason on the power behind them. I have a new theory now on why Sun crashed with Flight 316 instead of flashing to the past like Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid. I think it is because she wasn't the Kwan written on the wall. If Jin had been on the flight, I think he would have flashed to the past. I think that makes sense. Except Kate isn't a candidate so who knows. Either way I hope Hurley is the final candidate.

I'm having a problem with something else said last week. Illana said that Smokey-Locke was stuck in the guise of John Locke. If that were true, why did Smokey-Locke appear as Alex to Ben last season? That was when we were first clued in that new Locke might be Smokey with the great Clark Kent-Superman disappearance of Locke in that scene. "I'll go get some rope"..."What'd I miss?" But I don't think he has been appearing as Jack's dad. Wasn't he in Jacob's cabin with Claire in the 4th season? The cabin is inside the ash line. But he could be him too. I want more of Claire.

Here is what we learned:
New Questions:
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