Thursday, February 04, 2010


LOST 6.01 - Let's not resort to name calling

LOST is back and I'm super excited. I wasn't exactly sure where they were going with this season after the bomb explosion. I figured they would time flash back to the future. But with spoilers about the 815 survivors landing in LAX, I didn't know who it was going to play out. I had a dream over the summer that the 815 people would land at LAX with all the memories of the previous 4 years. However, then they would have no need to return to the island. The two divergent timelines was unexpected. While the on island story is the most interesting, I'm still interested in seeing where this story goes over the course of the season. Having two timelines is a very advanced SciFi concept, especially for such a mainstream network show.

I'm also noticing a lot of similarities between LOST and Supernatural. In Supernatural, demons and angels need to possess humans to have a physical presence. In non-corporeal form, demons are represented by black smoke. Angels are blinding light. Demons can't cross lines or circles of salt, similar to the ash. But smokey can pick up things and made short work of Ilana's team. Jacob may be more like the angels and can possess bodies too, which is what I think happened with Sayid.

So anyway, here's what we learned:
Questions from the island:
Questions from the alternative universe:


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