Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Why Should You Be Watching IACGMOOH?

Two words: Frangela. And two more words: Speidi. I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here is going to be the biggest guilty pleasure of the summer. All the shows will be talking about it this week and the next couple weeks. I watched the first episode today on Hulu and then the first 10 minutes of tonight's episodes. I'll watch the rest tomorrow. Frangela, a comic duo of Francine and Angela, are just hilarious. They are best known for their years on Best Week Ever. They are the perfect alternatives to the incredibly spoiled Spencer and Heidi from the Hills. Every day these two sleep through chores, skip the challenges and threaten to leave. The president of NBC/Universal had to talk to the biggest douchebag in the world to convince him to stay the first night. Spencer totally spazzed out at Francine (or Angela) for something she didn't even do which sparked a huge yelling war. Frangela just treat them like the children they are and get on. Plus they routines are great during the confessionals. Their bit this evening about the end of the trauma tank was hilarious. Don't miss out on the pop culture event of June.

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