Monday, May 25, 2009


Daniel's review of the 2009 new fall shows

Last week all the networks announced their new fall season. Here is my evaluation of their new shows.

CBS - They have a small batch of new shows. I never really watch anything on this network anyway.
Three Rivers - A medical drama about a transplant hospital. I'm not a big fan of hospital dramas so I won't be watching this.
Accidentally on Purpose - The only new CBS comedy. It's kinda like the movie Knocked Up but with an older women with a younger guy. It's a total chick fantasy and it reinforces my belief in the need for cheaper abortions.
NCIS: LA - Well it's NCIS but in L.A. Is there a lot of naval investigations to be had in L.A.?
The Good Wife - The wife of a scandal deposed Senator goes back to work at a law firm after her husband goes to jail. I like lawyer shows but this just looks boring. Why would she go work at such a cut throat firm? There are lots of smaller single-mom friendly places she should go work for especially with the connections she has as a Senator's wife. Fake office tension is one thing I cannot suspend my disbelief for.

CW - The beautiful network has a trio of beautiful people shows including one with beautiful in the title.
Melrose Place - I watched the old Melrose Place at the beginning and then again in the end. I was looking forward to this until I heard the talentless and useless Ashlee Simpson was part of the cast. She is on my boycott list.
The Beautiful Life - "He thinks he's one of the Models, Inc!" Marisa from The OC plays one of the models in new beautiful ensemble cast of models. It will fit in perfectly on the CW.
The Vampire Diaries - Really? Do we need a new vampire show every year? Moonlight then True Blood. Now a teen romance vampire show on the CW. I can't stand it.

ABC - They are really trying for a new hit comedy. They have four to choose from all on the same night. Let's see if any of them stick to the wall.
Shark Tank - A new reality show where inventors and innovators bring their ideas to a group of five real life investors. This looks like could be quite interesting but filled with lots of super embarrassing situations. For that reason I won't be watching it.
The Forgotten - A group of amateur crime fighters get together to solve crimes the police don't have resources for. It could be a cool crime solving alternative.
Hank - Frasier plays fired executive who has to downsize and spend time with his family.
The Middle - The Janitor from Scrubs plays a dad with a middle class family in the middle of America (Indiana). I can't think of the last successful family comedy so I'm hope this makes it.
Modern Family - Another family comedy about an over scheduled modern family. The online clip was all about scheduling a time to administer corporal punishment to the son. "It's on the calendar now, you can't complain about it." Maybe, I don't know.
Cougar Town - Monica from Friends plays a older women trying to date younger men. Didn't Courtney Cox marry a much younger man?
Eastwick - Remember the old timey movie The Witches of Eastwick? It's back in pog form. And in TV show form. I'll watch it.
Flash Forward - I'm always worried about shows that look so awesome in the upfronts. They never work out. So in this time bending drama, the entire world blacks out for two minutes and sees a vision of their near future. I'm worried that this will be super cool and then get canceled and we'll never know what it's all about. I'm still looking forward to this the most.

Fox - Not much new from Fox. But they are full up on winner right now so they are good.
The Cleveland Show - This was initially a mid-season replacement from last season. Cleveland from The Family Guy moves to Virginia and marries his high school sweetheart. Looks awesome.
Glee - OMGYG! I'm so pissed that the pilot last week is all we get until the fall. This show was so good I was so expecting at least seven episodes this summer. I guess being pissed they produced an awesome show isn't too bad.
Brothers - A family comedy with Black people. One was a former NFL player. I'll pass.

The Jay Leno Show - Really? Every night? Mon-Fri? I never thought a entire network could jump the shark, but it looks like NBC might just have. I can see three nights a week, but all five? WTF?
Trauma - A high octane drama about trauma paramedics in San Francisco. It might be good if there are some hot paramedics.
Parenthood - Since ABC is making Eastwick, NBC is resurrecting an old 80s movie into TV form. That movie was great because of the cast, who knows if this will capture the magic.
Community - A comedy about a study group at a community college. With the Soup and Seattle native Joel McHale and the awesome Chevy Chase this show is sure to be a hit. It looks like the funniest show of the fall. I always say the funniest shows come from NBC. Expect Arrested Development.

I'm skipping the mid-season shows. Some which look promising. I may come back to them in a future post.

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