Thursday, August 14, 2008


Company Meeting!

Kathy's season finale is tonight. This is the best celebreality show there is right now. I love Brooke Knows Best, but that is just fun and silly compared to this. Kathy thrives from being on the D-List. She takes these gigs which perpetuate her D-List status. She would never have survived as a View co-host. Being that popular would make her self destruct. Her show is always funny, sometimes ha-ha funny and sometimes awkward funny. The Woz was a great addition this season. I'm glad he never clicked her mouse. That's a gross image. Speaking of images, the photo is of me in front of Kathy's house last week while on a trip to L.A. I'm a total stalker. I didn't see Kathy or any of Team Griffin. There was a gardener there.


I think her conversation with Michal McDonald really pointed out her issue. As she's talking about bombing Michal impatiently says, "Why didn't you just adjust your set?" And Kathy claims some reason or other.

And that's Kathy's downfall, she's funny doing her thing and to her audience, but she can't adjust, so she'll probably never be that big.

(Although she's done pretty well with what she's got.)
Did I ever tell you I've been IN that house?
Dean ;-)
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