Monday, May 19, 2008


Best Week Never

Best Week Ever wasn't on last week and that made me sad. Happily it is scheduled for this week so we don't have to suffer from a big break like they do. Don't they know that pop culture doesn't stop when they go on vacation?

On April 11th, Sarah Jessica Porkher had the best week ever. It must have been a slow news week for a blowup doll to get the BWE honor. Here's some strange youtube news that talks about it:

On April 18th, the kid who got a butter knofe stuck in his head had the best week ever. His name is Tyler Hemmert but I couldn't find any video of him.

On April 25th, Inappropriate Behavior had the best week ever. Here's a un-notable youtube reporter talking about CNN reporter Richard Quest getting arrested

On May 2nd, Claymates had the best week ever. Here or some crazy people getting Clay tattoos.

On May 9th, Terrible Moms had the best week ever, just in time for Mother's Day. You know who wasn't a terrible mom? My mom. She's great. Look how beautiful she was on her wedding day in 1956. She's the one in white.


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