Wednesday, May 21, 2008


2008 Upfronts

NBC completely reinvented the way they program television with an unprecedented 65 week schedule of new shows stretching all the way through summer of 2009. They've got a strong list.
My Own Worst Enemy - A modern Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde story. It's got a great spot after Heroes so it may be successful.
Kath & Kim - A Molly Shannon comedy. I'm in.
Knight Rider - The 80's are back! I hope they can find better ways to stubble upon mysteries.
Crusoe - Lost of a deserted island and trying to get home. Sounds familiar but I can't quite place it.
Merlin - Giles from Buffy stars in a series about young Merlin and King Arthur. It will be like nothing on TV so it will be a complete failure.
Kings - A soldier saves some prince and gets thrust into some international intrigue. Sounds interesting I want to know more.
The Office Spinoff - I don't watch the Office so I don't imagine I'll watch this.
The Philanthropist - A billionaire loses his child and starts to help the needy. Lame.

FOX only has two new shows on the fall schedule and lots scheduled for January or spring.
Fringe - FBI agents investigate impossible cases. It sounds like X-Files without the aliens. The commercial I saw for it looks cool.
Do Not Disturb - A comedy about hotel workers. Isn't the sitcom dead?
Dollhouse - This has gotten the most buzz as it is from Buffy creator Joss Whedon. It starts in January as a lead into 24. It's going to kick butt.
Secret Millionaire - Remember Oprah's Big Give? You won't in a few years and no one will remember this clone either.
Sit Down, Shut Up - Animated show about teachers at a high school. Expect some over the top New England accents. Animated shows only work on FOX and only if they want them too.
The Clevland Show - Speaking of animated, the black neighbor from Spooner St gets his own spin off. Like all the Seth McFarlane shows there always some wackiness, this time in the form of a family of talking bears that live down the street.

CBS got rid of their edgier material like Jericho and Moonlight and replace it with some real crap.
Worst Week - The nice guy get humiliated by his conservative future inlaws each week. I suffer from Sitcom Embarrassment Syndrome just thinking about this awful show.
The Mentalist - It's just like Medium except it's set in California, not Arizona and no huge rack.
Project Gary - Divorced Jay Morh has a hot new girlfriend. On after Old Christine on a new Wednesday timeslot. Could be successful until idol returns.
Eleventh Hour - CBS does best with procedural crime dramas. This one is about a government agent investigating abuses with science like cloned babies. Perfect for the intelligent design crowd.
The Ex List - A Women needs to re-examine all her ex's after a psychic tells her she already dated her one true love. As much as people say TV is skewing toward chick shows, I don't think this will make it.
Harper's Island - This midseason show is the only CBS show that looks interesting. A secluded wedding on a remote island leads to a series of murders. Murders, most fowl.

The CW is bringing back Reaper and Gossip Girl and only adding two new dramas and a new reality show. Three new shows seem like a small list but it's 33% of their total schedule so it's a huge change.
90210 - The 90's are back! I didn't watch the original so I don't plan on watching this spin-off or re-imagineening or whatever.
Surviving the Filthy Rich - A reporter wannabe ends up a tutor to the super rich. Lame.
Stylista - It's The Apprentice meets The Devil Wears Prada. I've been Jonesing for some good Apprentice style reality competition show.

ABC is hardly making any changes. Perhaps they were hit the hardest by the writer's strike timing. They've got a new reality show and a British remake that's been in development for over a year.
Opportunity Knocks - Crappy game show comes to your front door and you compete in front of your neighbors. Lame.
Life on Mars - Based on the British show that ran for two seasons. A modern day police detective wakes up in the early 70's after getting hit by a car. Did he travel in time or is he just crazy? The British show was great how it integrated that past and the present into the storylines. Plus the attitudes about race and gender from the 70's are shocking. Chief O'Brian plays the grizzled and somewhat corrupt police chief. This is my favorite pick of the fall. ABC has done little wrong in the past few years.


Yay Molly Shannon! I'll never forget the time I went to Molly Shannon's charity carnival to visit her as her guest. Well it turns out there was some funny business going on and one of her friends was mysteriously missing. I (and my friend I had with me) took a look into it and along with Angela Lansbury and Velma, we found out what was going on. So much for a relaxing vacation at the carnival!!

How is Jay Mohr going to be on his own show when he's a lead supporting actor on Ghost Whisperer?? How???
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