Saturday, January 12, 2008


Daniel's Award Show Wish

I'll jump to the end, I got my Award Show Wish. I hate award shows. I stopped watching them in high school when I realized they were a huge waste of time. I could just watch the news and read the paper and get the results. Now of course I check the Internet. What I've always wanted was just a news conference where they announce the winners in the same fashion they announce the nominees. But most people like them, for some reason, and so we have these huge waste of time shows several times a year.

Then came the writer's strike. Even though some of the worst writing on television is on these award ceremonies, the big ones are still written by the members of the WGA. Last week they announced they will be picketing the show so it's been cancelled. In its place NBC will air the press conference announcement of the winners after a special 2 hour Dateline NBC with special commentary Kathy Griffin.

And still, I won't be watching. I'll be TiVo'ing the Sara Conner Chronicles downstairs and The Amazing Race upstairs. But good for Kathy Griffin.

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Friday, January 11, 2008


So Many Different Types of Sparrows!

My TiVo picked up a surprise new episode of 30 Rock last night. And what a wonderful way to end the season, possibly. I think anything said in a German accent is funny. All the storylines were great: Liz and The Board ("I bought a black apartment!"), Kenny and coffee ("it's the devil's temperature"), The Germans ("Hubcap?"), Jack and CC ("I missed a vote on recreational whale torture"), and it all culminated in a Midnight Train to Georgia song and dance number with the entire cast. I think every television show needs to break out in song for no reason at least once a season.

I had thought 30 Rock had run out their new episodes made before the writer's strike so I was surprised by a new episode in addition to a new Earl and Ugly Betty. I found a list on wikipedia which list the number of new episodes left of currently running shows. Here is a select list. I did not include any shows that haven't start their season yet.

Dirty Sexy Money - 3 of 13 prodcued remain to air
Samantha Who? - 3 of 12 remain
Ugly Betty - 2 of 13 remain
Reaper - 2 of 13 remain
Smallville - 6 of 15 remain
American Dad - 15 of 22 remain
King of the Hill - 1 of 22
Prison Break - 5 of 13 episodes
The Simpsons - 12 of 22
Chuck - 2 of 13 remain and will air on 01/24/08
Medium - 8 of 9 remain, started on Monday
Scrubs - 4 of 12 remain, series finale may be direct to DVD
Psych - 6 of 16 episodes return tonight on USA

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Celebrity Rehab

This month VH1 is rolling out its new crop of reality shows. They would have had these with or without the Writer's Strike because they are very popular. Most are new seasons of old shows but tonight they have a brand new show: Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. This looks to be a good show. We saw Jeff Conway breakdown on Celebrity Fit Club. He needed an intervention. Now he is joined by some new and old reality show stars as they try to break their dependencies on whatever.

I'm always amazed to see Dr. Drew on big national talk shows. I'm even more amazed that he now has a show with his name in the title. Back while I was in college he was one the late night radio talk show in L.A. called Loveline. Since people often would ask questions about drugs, Dr. Drew, an addiction specialist, was a big part of the show. I would listen to the show often. I grew cold to Dr. Drew since I found some of the things he said homophobic, but I've gotten oven that.

In addition to Celebrity Rehab, VH1 has these other show starting this month:
Scott Baio is 46 ... and Pregnant. Scott and friends deal with the life changing events of his girlfriend getting pregnant. This is both the least real and most entertaining reality show on VH1.
My Fair Brady. In season 3, Peter and Supermodel contemplate having children.
Rock of Love 2. I think the only reason they had this was to increase the candidate for the next Charm School show.
and of course...
Flavor of Love 3. In addition to also increasing the candidate pool for the next Charm School, this show hosts the most disgusting bachelor on the planet. Flavor Flav is just gross. I can't understand why women want him. Oh yeah, women are crazy

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Chelsea Handler talks about Redheads

What Chelsea says about redheads is all true. I should know, being a redheaded terror myself. Watch the clip, it's only four seconds long it won't kill you.

She was talking about Lindsey Lohan, but it works for me to. I'm glad Chelsea is back from the holiday break. Like Kathy Griffin and Jon Stewart, she calls people on their ridiculous shit they try to pull.


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