Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Barbara is a Tool!

So Barbara often says she doesn't like to express opinions since she is a news person. That's a great policy, but she still knows where her paycheck comes from. Today on the View, she shut down a very interesting pro-writers Hot Topic discussion. The writers are fighting the networks (and production companies) and that is ultimately who Barbara is loyal to.

The writer's strike is the biggest story in Hollywood right now. Or really it should be but isn't. Entertainment Weekly has a story on the strike in every issue. The latest issue had four stories. But that's a magazine. The entertainment news programs, like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, barely talk about it. That's because those in charge of the shows are the opponents of the strikers. If I were them, I wouldn't give publicity to my enemy either.

Today Whoopie snuck the strike into Hot Topics since that was the reason a couple guests decided not to come on the show as scheduled. Whoopie and Joy talked about who is on strike and why and why that aren't and what guilds there are in and that they support the writers. Barbara said, "you are boring everyone," and they moved onto another topic. While it wasn't as captivating as the British septuagenarian women bonking young Kenyan men, it was still one of their best topics. I'm sure someone was yelling in Barbara's ear piece to get off the topic. She is such a tool.


And today she was (admittedly) kissing but to the female president of Proctor & Gamble. She told everyone they made most of their money on Pampers. Joy's response was that Pampers aren't biodegradable and are a huge environmental problem.

Barbara was pissed! It was awesome.
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