Thursday, August 30, 2007


Watch this show BETCH!

There's a new episode of I Hate My 30's tonight on VH1. Tonight's episode is about one character going baby crazy. This apparently happens to women in their 30's. One of the actors on this show is Liam Sullivan who gained fame as Kelly the shoe crazy betch from YouTube.

Last week Kelly made a guest appearance as Kyle's niece. She took Kyle's roommate out shopping with a new song, "Forget It, Just Get It!" The full video got cut down in the episode but here it is on YouTube.

ATM, Credit, Debit. Get over it, just get it!


Rick and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World

Season 1 of Rick and Steve concluded this week on LOGO. Also the entire first season was released on DVD this week. There are only 6 episodes in the season. I really hope we get a second season. If you don't want to wait for the DVDs to arrive or you just don't like to keep DVDs around your house anymore, you get them on iTunes as well. This series is based on a series of short films Q. Allan Brocka made out of Lego bricks and Minifigs. These made the film festival rounds but are not available online, thanks to the Lego Group's lawyers. So this new series is done with computer animation and instead of Lego. The people look kinda like Playmobile toys but not too much. The first season had much of the same stories from the shorts. Rick agrees to father a baby for his lesbian friends. Steve's Southern parents visit. Rick and Steve have a three-way that ends badly. Dana gets pregnant instead of Kristen. Plus there are some great new stories. The group goes on a gay cruise. Pussy tries to take out Dana. Steve joins the Log Cabin Republicans. Rick takes steroids to buff up. It's very funny so don't miss it.

My favorite recurring joke the the rrrrrroses lady. For anyone who has spent anytime in West Hollywood, the strange Latina women selling roses at outdoor cafes and bars is very familiar. I can't believe no one incorporated her into a movie or show before now. She even shows up in the delivery room during the season climax. I love her.


Chelsea Lately

I was recently turned onto a new show on E called Chelsea Lately. This is a late night talk show which focuses on pop culture. If you are still sad over Rosie's departure from The View and you can't wait for the Show Biz show to come back (who knows when that will be) and Best Week Ever is just not enough for you, tune into Chelsea Lately.

The format is really simple. First she has a very brief monologue. Then she and three guest panelist talk about current celebrity news. Finally she has a guest on to plug something. The show is just a half hour so it doesn't drag on like Jay or Conan. Recently, guest Bai Ling (Jack's crazy tattoo lady) was on talking about Angelina Jolie. Her English isn't very good and Chelsea and the other panelist were trying to figure out if she just said she and A-Jo had ever been together, if you know what I mean. Bai didn't know what that meant. Here's the transcript:

Chelsea: Is "good friends" code for bumping uglies? Be honest.
Bai: What's that?
Chelsea: Is "good friends" code for: you went around her hot pocket and said "hi!"?
Bai: I don't really understand that.
Chelsea: Did you ever have sexual relations with Angelina Jolie?
Bai: That's very private...
Chelsea: No one will see this, it's just between us four.

Chelsea is a very funny comedienne. She's also very self deprecating often calling herself an alcoholic and very promiscuous. I look forward to many funny episodes with her.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Vegas on the Travel Channel

Over the weekend The Travel Channel had a Las Vegas marathon. Most of the Travel Channel's Vegas shows are in the Top Ten format and are lame and outdated. The Top Ten Places to Eat in Las Vegas. The Top Ten places to Cool Off in Las Vegas. The Top Ten places to Poop in Las Vegas. There were a couple new shows produced in 2007 over the weekend that I watched: More Vegas FAQs and More Vegas Do's and Don'ts. They never showed the originals, just the "more" shows. These will be repeated again on Thursday if you'd like to watch them. They have renewed my interest in going to Vegas. It has been over three years since I've been there. Maybe I'll stay at the Wynn.

Vegas is a city unlike any other. First it was all about gambling. Then the failed family friendly era. The Excalibur needs to be imploded. Then they realized they could make more money off the rooms for conventions. But now it looks like it's all about the party. The new thing I noticed in all these shows I watched was how the club scene has exploded in Las Vegas. And there's one thing Vegas knows how to do and that's make money on something. So they have people wait in long lines to go into half empty clubs OR they can pay lots more to get in without waiting in line. Once in you can buy $10 cocktails at the bar OR you can pay $300 for a bottle, table, and dedicated cocktail waitress. You can drink by the pool OR you can pay extra for a super crowded pool party. The good thing is Vegas always markets to the straights so there's no need for me to throw money at these boring, loud clubs and parties filled with milkbags. I'll stay at the tables and get my cocktails for free. Suckers!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

We are several episodes in to Season 2 of WW2BaSH? and it's already better than last season. Stan Lee got rid of the bad super heroes early and now I have the problem of liking everyone who is left. I don't want anyone to be kicked off now. I'll list my favorites in order. And by favorites I mean everyone left.
Parthenon - he's the superhero who happens top be gay. His powers come from an ancient arm thinging he found on an archaeological dig. He's the one pictured.
The Defuser - he's the superhero I want to be gay. He's a hunky cop by day and in his spare time also fights crime as a gadget hero who uses non-lethal force to stop the villains. Whip Snap - she has the mastery of the whip and can turn people to sand. In real life Paula has had a hard life and she makes me want to cry whenever she talks about it. She's a skinny black lesbian with no family and few friends. Hopefully she doesn't leave the superhero lair the same way.
Hygena - she fights crime and grime with modified cleaning utensils. I was reading about her on wikipedia and she said she came up with the idea for this superhero while attending comic conventions with her husband. She is quoted as saying, "that to properly combat the odor problem on the convention floor would probably require some sort of superhero." It sounds like the Lego conventions I've been to.
Hyper-strike - he's got super strength can shoot lightening from his hands or something. He is kind of sexy although I liked his parachute pants of his first costume more than the tights he got during his make-over

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Don't Forget about Fall Cable Shows

The new fall season will be all over the main networks next month. But don't forget about the great stuff coming out on our favorite cable stations in the next couple months.

Torchwood, debuts Saturday, Sept 8th, BBC America
Torchwood is a spin-off from Doctor Who. It is also an anagram of Doctor Who. Season 2 of Doctor Who dealt with the creation of the Torchwood institute by Queen Victoria and the modern day organization. Hot Captain Jack Harkness stars in this series. He appeared in several Doctor Who episodes from the first and third season. The BBC continuity has the first season of Torchwood between Seasons 2 and 3 of Doctor Who. As we are getting them out of order, there may be some spoilers in the next few weeks of Doctor Who as to what happened in Torchwood.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 3 starts Thursday, Sept 13th, FX
The original pilot was written and produced by the three actors on a digital camera. FX picked it up. After a good run, they added Danny Devito to the cast for the second season. He has been fantastic. Anne Archer also has a recurring role as Danny Devito ex-wife. This show is always outrageous. They look at what is politically incorrect and go way beyond. Last season Charlie pretended to be crippled, Dee went on steroids, Mac had sex with Dennis and Dee's mom (Anne Archer), and they had a Jihad against their bar's Jewish landlord. The landlord was then bough out by Dennis and Dee's dad (Devito), thus giving him a reason to hang out with them. And also giving him a place to play poker with his Vietnamese business associates which is my favorite recurring joke of last season.

Stargate Atlantis, Season 4 starts Friday Sept 28th, Scifi
So SG1 is gone expect for a few upcoming movies. Atlantis has really been good. Col. Samantha Carter is now joining the cast as the new military commander of Atlantis. Dr. Weir was injured in an explosion in the season finale and wont be returning until the mid-season finale in December. I hope to see guest appearances by all the other SG1 personal in the upcoming seasons.

South Park, new episodes resume Wednesday Oct 3rd, Comedy Central
The second half of the 11th season of South Park returns in October. Nuff Said.

The Sarah Silverman Program, season 2 starts after the new South Park on Oct 3rd, Comedy Central
Just like "Sunny", Sarah's show shoots for political incorrectness. In the first season she took in a homeless man, then made him sleep in a box in her laundry room. She also became a lesbian, until she had to kiss a girl, ewww. The show is Comedy Central best live action non-sketch show since Reno 911. I don't know when that is returning.

Drawn Together, new episodes resume Thursday Oct 4th, Comedy Central
It's been almost a year since we have seen new episodes. Season 3 took a break mid-season with a cliffhanger with most of the Drawn Together house trapped in a car in the mall parking lot. The fourth season has not yet been produced and the creators left Comedy Central for other projects so it looks like this will be the end of the series.

Nip/Tuck Season 5 starts sometime this fall on FX
I've seen teaser ads for the new season in L.A. but no airdates have been announced.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Flash Ah-ah Gordon

Flash Gordon premiered on the SciFi Channel last week. Episode 2 is on tonight. I did not have high expectations for this, and it failed to meet even those. Oh, it's bad. The acting is abysmal, and I'm usually soft on bad acting. Also bad: the writing, the characters, the technology, and the entire premise. The thing that got me the most was when Flash went to visit the grave of his father who died "13 years ago," the year on the grave stone showed 1992. That would have been 15 years ago. Then there's the marathon he won for the third year in a row. I guess no one comes from out of town to run in the local Baltimore area marathon and he never got sponsored to go to a bigger marathon. And why is the son of a physics professor working in a garage without a college degree? Now I haven't even gotten to the mysterious rifts in time and space that connect Earth to another Earth-like planet, just outside the only city on that planet. It's very convenient. Flash must stop the evil forces of Ming each week and keep things hidden from the public and the government, lest they panic and try to force open more rifts, respectively. The only bright spot in the show is the alien female bounty hunter who gets trapped on Earth and will assumably join forces with Flash and his gang. She is a new character to the Flash stories.
It's just bad so hopefully it will get the boot off of Friday night before it brings down the whole network.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Best Summer Ever

So Best Week Ever is over until mid-September. At least they left us with one of the funniest episodes of the year. I've been laughing all weekend about Paula Abdul's craziness, Zsa Zsa'a naked prince, and of course Chocolate Rain:

On 7/27/07, The Filipino Prisoners had the best week ever. Here they are preforming Thriller:

On 7/20/07, Dogs had the west week ever. Britney bought one, Michael Vick stopped fighting them, and one adopted a baby panther. Sorry no video.

On 7/13/07, JJ Abrams fans had the best week ever. I too wanted to know more about his new monster movie when I saw the trailer before Transformers. Here it is:


Thursday, August 02, 2007


Scooby Snacks

One of my favorite brands of humor in television shows is the recurring joke. One of the best ways of doing this is with a particular product that keeps showing up episode after episode. I call this type of item a "Scooby Snack" after the munchie curbing bribe product from Scooby Doo. Now a lot of times real product placements can be Scooby Snacks. On Roswell they drank (and sometimes stole) lots of Snapple, as they have on 30 Rock. Wow this is Diet Snapple, it tastes like regular Snapple. MADtv continues to feature the Toyota Yaris for some reason. And Burger King was a favorite of many Arrested Development characters.

While too much product placement can draw attention away from the story, just a little can be very funny. As I learned from Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, specific is a lot more funny than general. Calvin's dad wasn't just a nameless corporate drone, he was a patent attorney, even more boring to Calvin.

Two of my favorite summer cable shows have their own "Scooby Snacks". Psych has a constant obsession with pineapples. While Burn Notice loves evidenced in the following clip. Spies love yogurt.

If you can think of other Scooby Snacks, generic or product placement, please add them to the comments.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Whoopi is the new Rosie

I guess after they had a taste of the already popular host, they had to repeat it. The View used to be about building up new careers...and then crushing them. Now they are just about crushing them. Whoopi was installed today as the new "moderator" on The View taking over for Rosie. I hope she can live through Elisabitch's crap she spews everyday. Or maybe she will just take her down where Rosie wasn't able or willing. Elisabeth's thinking is so illogical lately. I can't get into without just getting mad. I pray to baby Jesus that she will find out her husband is cheating on her. No not really. The praying I mean, I'm sure Tim banging other women (or men).

Anyway, at first I was disappointed in the decision. I found Whoopi a little boring when she co-hosted. At least Sheri Shepherd brings some more crazy life to the show. Whoopi is too calm. Plus she's Joy's age and now there's no 40ish panelist. But Whoopi is quick-witted and liberal so she should be a good match for Elisabitch.


I Love VH1: Part 4: Original Scripted Programming

VH1 tends to steer toward celebrity based gossip and reality shows. But occasionally they run shows which defy their standard model, a scripted original comedy show. This first started with So NoTORIous, a show so funny I'm amazed it wasn't picked up by NBC who originally ordered the pilot. Tori Spelling, Loni Anderson, and Syler where all fantastic. But it was cancelled and then her dad died, poor thing. I have it on DVD.

Then earlier this year, VH1 created a complete original take on the skit comedy show, Acceptable.TV. Five mini shows where shown each week and the audience would vote on what they wanted to see more of. Operation: Kitten Calender was a brilliant spoof of the Apprentice. I would love to see more. No news if this is coming back for a second season, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Last week they started another new show, I Hate My 30's. If you haven't watched it, you should add it to your TiVo right now. RIGHT NOW! Ted should click here. This show has a great variety of thirty-something characters, including the bitter divorced guy, aging cheerleader, dad trying to hold onto his youth by dressing too young, and ambitious woman who doesn't want to date right now. The narrator is the guy who own the coffee shop everyone goes to, Dr. Rod. I'm not sure if he's really a doctor, but now a runs a coffee shop. Switching careers is so thirties.

Here's an extended preview of this week's episode. The scene is a spoof of Summer Nights from Greese.

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