Saturday, June 30, 2007


Best June Ever

I was not surprised with the most dramatic Best Week Ever. I watched the dramatic prairie dog over and over and over again.

And here are some remixes plus the original footage from Japan television.

And the rest of June was great with the iPhone and the Paris Hilton thing and a;; the gay pride and stuff.

On June 22nd, Star Parker the crazy bitch from the View, had the best week ever.

On June 15th, Bob Barker had the best week ever.

On June 8th, Phillip Wellman the strange minor league baseball manager who went crazy, had the best week ever.



Stargate:SG1 is over

Last week Stargate:SG1 ended its tenth and last season making it the longest running sci fi show EVER. Now that it's over, let's look at what the world was like when Stargate:SG1 began on 7/27/97.
When I watched the first episode (which debuted on Showtime) I thought it was going to be one of those shows where they were trapped on other planets and each week went to a new planet trying to someday find their way back to Earth. Luckily it was a bit more well designed than that. The first season was a bit annoying with their technology teasing each week. They'd find some cool technology, then loose it by the end of the episode. It got old real quick. That's why I loved the way the show ended. The most advanced an benevolent aliens decided to give all their technology to the SG1 team. Hooray for the little grey aliens, may they rest in peace.

We still get to look forward to two more SG1 movies as well as more seasons of Atlantis and maybe one more show in the future.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The 4400 season 4

The 4400 season 4 started on Sunday. If you missed it, watch it online here. I love the fact that there a new shows in the summer now. Lately the trend with cable shows is to move a summer show to the fall when it becomes successful. Nip/Tuck and Battlestar Galactica are the biggest examples. The third season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was moved to September this year. Luckily The 4400 has stayed in the summer for a fourth year.

Last season was a big one. We learned a lot more about what is going on. The big story last season revolved around Isabelle. We learned that the future people who originally took the 4400 were involved in a conflict and the other side send Isabelle in order to destroy the others. Scientists then figured out how to make give everyone special abilities. The season premier started out with a back-to-basics story of a 4400 ability going out of control as well as touching on some of the unresolved items from last seasons finale. It looks like the battled for promicine is going to be the major arc this season.

I wonder when viewers will tire of mutants. This show is doing well. Heroes is busting out with great ratings. Pain Killer Jane is running out it's first season on the SciFi channel. And movie theaters never seem to get enough of the Marvel mutants: X-Men, Spiderman, and The Fantastic Four. While these are all fun, it would be nice to have a space ship sci fi show or movie again.


Cartoon Flashback: The Terrible Thunderlizards

Today I was suddenly reminded of one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons, The Terrible Thunder Lizards. This was from the mid 90s and one of the last set of original network cartoons for children before they all went cable. I went on YouTube and happened to find my most favorite episode. The horrible ex and I watched this when it was first on and talked and laughed about it for years and years.

If you haven't ever heard of this show, let me set it up. The modern dinosaur society is worried about the two newly evolved humans so they send the Terrible Thunder Lizards to kill them. Since it's a childrens show, all there weaponry is bee based. Bee guns, bee grenades, bee bombs. One of the Thunderlizards shouts out, "Destroy them all, let the archaeologists sort it out!" in every episode. Of course they Thunderlizards fail in their quest each episode.

The humans are Scooter and Bill. Bill looks, sounds, and acts not unlike Squidward. Scooter is his easy going companion who is always trying to invent things. This episode is the best since he almost invents the automobile and then invents the useless parts of air travel.


Star Wars Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken kicked off its third season on Sunday with a special double episode entirely dedicated to Star Wars. If you are a Star Wars geek like me, it was heaven. Of course they showed the original Robot Chick Star Wars clips such as The Emperor gets a call from Vader, Vader tells Luke the whole truth, and Bush becomes a Jedi. Their new stuff was great but the best was Jar Jar meets Darth Vader.

I've watched this five times and I laugh every time. In addition we get to see what the Walrus man was really saying to Luke in the Cantina, who cleans up the dead Jedi bodies, and what the most popular cereal is in the Star Wars universe.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Lil' Bush

I wasn't expecting to like Lil' Bush last night on Comedy Central. It looked like a one joke show with caricature of people I despise. But I liked it. First you have to get over the strangeness of the whole thing. It's current times, but all the people are kids. And it seems like Daddy Bush is still president. That doesn't matter because it's the characters that make this show funny. Lil' Bush is always getting into trouble with his friends. Lil' Cheney is the Kenny of the group not saying anything understandable. Oh, and he kills lots of people and animals. Lil' Condi is in love with Lil' George but he doesn't even notice her. But she does get her first kiss from Lil' Lesbian Hillary. Lil' Bill is getting busy with the Lewinsky Twins. Then there's sad Lil' Rummy who is always talking about getting beat up by his dad. Child abuse is not funny, unless it is happening to Donald Rumsfeld, then it's hilarious. I hate him. Lil' Jeb seems to be retarded. Also at the school is Lil' Mark Foley who is busy text messaging. I'm going to watch the first season, which is only six episodes. I doubt it will get a second. It's no South Park or Drawn Together.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Gayest Night of Television

Last night while I was traveling back from Hawaii, the Tony Awards were aired on CBS. Readers of DtvB know that I hate, hate, hate award shows. I never watch them. I don't go to Oscar parties. I don't TiVo them. There is one exception and that's the Tony Awards. I could care less about the winner of the lesser categories or listening to the speeches, but I love watching the performances by the new casts. It's not like television or movies where I could watch the nominees at any time. With Broadway I don't have the opportunity to watch all the nominees so I now always TiVo the show. I haven't watched it all yet but I did get to see gay Justin from Ugly Betty interact with the cast from of Mary Poppins.

I was also very happy to see newly out Niles win for lead actor in Curtains. I had never heard of it. He thanked his partner which was great. Gay people make the world a better place.


Secret Shame

I love all types of TV, good TV like LOST and also bad TV. I have several shows I watch but don't talk too much about. I enjoy Days of Our Lives. I can watch an entire week in an hour. With soaps you only need to watch the first five minutes and the last ten minutes to get the entire idea of what is going on. If it's a big Sammy episode, I'll usually watch more. She's great. I also watch the View. In fact I'm watching Friday's episode with Kathy Griffin right now. But I have a bigger secret shame show (SSS): Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School.

This show is a spin-off of Flavor of Love which was a spin-off of Strange Love which was a spin-off of The Surreal Life season 3. And Flavor of Love also spawned I Love New York. VH1 hit a gold mine when they picked up The Surreal Life after The WB cancelled in.

Let me tell you that these girls are crazy! All of them are rejects from Flavor of Love season 1 and season 2. Each week they are put through a different scenario to help them be a better person. They went through a boot camp, they donated clothing, they were taught how to give interviews and how to debate. And yet each week someone manages to make a complete fool of themselves. Unlike other reality competition shows, this show is actually trying to help these women be better people. Yet they fall back on their old habits and fail themselves. And it is hilarious. Plus they put them in little school girl outfits and straight guys love that.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Last Sopranos

Tonight is the last ever episode of The Sopranos. I don't get HBO so I won't be watching. A few years back I started watching it on DVD but gave it up part way into the second season. There are two reasons for this. (1) It was starting to effect my language. My friend Sean told me it might when I told him I was thinking of watching it. My vocabulary noticeably started to contain many more varieties of the word fuck. (2) It has no redeeming characters. I like to be able to identify with the characters I watch. Even if the character starts off good and turns bad (or turns into a jerk like Jack) I still enjoy watching. Only the therapist of the Sopranos was not a complete waste of a human being, and she only interacted with Tony. When I turned the last disk I was watching, I had no desire to get the next. If there is any TV god, all the characters will die in tonight's finale. Good riddance.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Jericho Back from Annihilation?

I have to admit I was very happy that Jericho was cancelled. Last year it took the place of Smallville as the show I love to hate but just can't stop watching. With Smallville, it wasn't the Superman or Kryptonite mutants that I found unbelievable, it was the fact that no one used cell phones, Clark was way too old in the first season, and the ever shrinking distance between Smallville and Metropolis. With Jericho, it wasn't the unlikely event of nuclear holocaust that I find hard to believe. It's not the fact that the whole thing was home grown terror. It's the complete breakdown of society which I find hard to believe. And why was there an EMP days after the explosions? And they've greatly underestimated what a remote town the five thousand would have, like a high school and a regional airport. In a town of 5000, they could have put up a resistance with at least 1000 people, yet they only have 50. And how could all the countless military bases be unavailable that the Army has to set up a tent city in Nebraska? But the canvass has been great for story telling. In the finale, New Bern, the home of the nearest Costco, declared war on Jericho. Mayor Dad was killed in the attack on one of the farms. In the end that Army came to the rescue, but only because they wanted to get the ex-CIA guy who knows too much. The series end with a shot of a new American Flag with only 24 stars.

Or did it? CBS has been inundated with letters from fans that they are likely going to bring it back as a mid-season replacement. Since the show runner has moved on, there is a possibility it would be much better. Irregardless, they would tie up the loose ends from the finale last month. I hate when shows end with loose ends. I think network should be obligated to tie up show with at least a TV movie after a show has been cancelled with a big question mark hanging over it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America

First the Girl Met Hawaii. Then she found the Great Hotels of America. Then she got her Passport to Europe. Now Samantha Brown has a new show about Latin America. This starts Wednesday night but I'll be in Hawaii so I'll have to wait and watch next week.

Just like the Europe show, each episode will feature a city in South America, Central America, or Mexico. It starts off with back-to-back episodes about Rio de Janiero and Buenos Aires. Upcoming episodes she'll be everywhere from Belize to Uruguay. Samantha Brown is the clear breakout star of the Travel Channel, not that there were many choices. She has this great charm and wonderful sense of discovery that you just want to watch her go an explore these new places. Plus she has lots of gay friends and I want to be one to them. I love you Sam!


Creature Comforts

There was a new summer show on last night on CBS, Creature Comforts. This is an unscripted animated show. How is that possible? Well they record interviews with people around the country and then animate them with funny animals. I missed last night but I was able to watch it on line this morning at It is very funny and it is definitely going on my TiVo for next Monday.


Everyone Can Suck It

Every gay boys favorite comedienne starts the new season of her show tonight: Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List. Yesterday she appeared on The View for the second time since Rosie left. I haven't have time to watch it all yet, but it couldn't have been better than her 5/24 appearance. This afternoon there is a season 2 D-List marathon. So if you are at home all day, you could enjoy this. Then tonight is the premier of Kathy's new comedy special, Everyone Can Suck It, followed by the start of season 3 of Life on the D-List. This year she's single and dating. I can't wait!

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