Wednesday, May 16, 2007


CBS Fall Schedule 2007

Not much change at CBS this fall. Jericho is out. I'll talk about that next week. A single new show on five different nights.

Viva Laughlin - Because one show about a casino is never enough on prime time, CBS brings a new show about the opening of a small casino in Laughlin. Laughlin is where my seventy-something parents go to gamble, so it's not quite Vegas.
The Big Bang Theory - It's Beauty and the Geek in sitcom form. It's got a great time slot but The Class didn't do well last time.
Cane - Jimmy Smits returns to TV in a family business drama.
Kid Nation - A reality show about a group of 40 kids who have to form a community. It didn't work in Lord of the Flies.
Moonlight - Why do people keep making Vampire shows? Nothing will ever compete with the Buffyverse so stop trying.


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