Thursday, February 08, 2007


LOST 3.07: We're not quite in Portland

LOST is back, finally. I was unsatisfied with the six episodes they gave us in the fall. It should have been at least eight (or 1/3 of the season). Six was not enough to keep my excitement through the winter break. Plus it was all the Jack-Kate-Sawyer show. At least most of that is over after last night's episode. Kate and Sawyer have escaped the tiny island with Karl and will soon be back at the North Shore camp. Last night gave us the very satisfying tale of how Juliet came to be on the island. This was also the first flashback of an "other". Usually I want less flashback but last night I wanted more, more, more! Hopefully in the future we will see her arrival on the island and some of her history with Ben.

Here's what we leaned:

Here are the new questions:


I felt the mental conditioning scene and the images and font used, as per your example, was definitely a reference to The Prisoner.
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