Monday, September 25, 2017


Three changes @CBS could have made to make me watch #StarTrekDiscovery

I've watched Trek all my life. I've seen every episode of TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY at least twice. I recognized ENT was bad from the beginning, but I still watched all four seasons. I won't be watching Discovery, at least not until it's on Netflix. These are three things CBS could have done differently that would have changed my decision.

  1. Set it in the future. The ship and tech already look like its past the Voyager level. Only some minor tweaks to the script and it could have been 100 years past Voyager at a point when the alliance between the Klingons and Federation had fallen apart. That would also explain why the Klingons look different, again. That would explain why we never saw the science officer's species before. That would explain why there is a robot or AI as a bridge officer when Data had been the first in Starfleet. That would explain why the Klingon's tech look like the Michal Bay Transformers. All the things that ruined my suspension of disbelief while watching it would have turned into surprise and great interest. But no, for the third time in a row, Star Trek went backwards instead of forwards. No one wants to go backwards.
  2. Drop all the season at once. Maybe if I knew I could see how this whole season arc played out this week, I might sign up. Some people might watch it and cancel but lots of people wouldn't bother. I subscribed to Netflix years ago to watch Arrested Development and four years later, I'm still a subscriber.
  3. Just show it on CBS. I watched every episode of Enterprise even though it started out really bad. The last season was much better than the first three. If they show it, people will watch. As it is now, I just don't even want to illegally download it. 

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