Monday, September 11, 2017


I just rewatched the #WillAndGrace @WillAndGrace finale

Beyond being super happy the show is coming back, I'm happy they are rewriting the ending. So much of it didn't make sense. The first part deals with the two year gap where Will & Grace are no longer on speaking terms. This just seemed far fetched. So Grace is going to live in Rome for a year, that what phones are for. This really didn't make much sense for friends who had been friends for so long.

Then they make up but just fall out of each other's lives and meet again 16 or 17 years later. I understand they wanted to play up the whole "fate keeps up together" but I just don't buy it. I have friends who are really important that live in San Diego, Issaquah, or 10 blocks away. I'd love to see them every week. But whether I see them once a month or two times a year and I'm happy for that time. Will & Grace friends live in the same city with kids the same age. They would find many, many reasons to spend time together.

That leads to my speculation on how much they will rewrite the ending. If it was me, I change it from when they reunited. This will give them teenage children to deal with together and newly single parents. I also like having Jack and Karen living together with Beverly Leslie's billions.

I'm sure where ever they reset the characters, I'll still like it. It would be easy to undo Will's son Ben as that was only in the finale. Grace was pregnant for a lot of the final season. I'm also hoping for a Dallas dream sequence reset. That's always fun. New season in two weeks!

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