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My #FriendsFromCollege Season 1 Review @friendsfcollege @netflix

Friends from College was an almost perfect TV show. The characters were diverse and realistic. The performances were spectacular. It was a great presentation of what happens when you are approaching 40 and life is not what you really want it to be.

Fred Savage plays distracted gay literary agent flawlessly. When his best friend Key&Peele returns to New York, he resumes hanging with his friends from college. Like the others, his life starts to fall apart. After accidentally ditching his boyfriend Billy on the Street for 90 minutes at a vineyard, he sums it up perfectly. "You are a different person around them. I don't like that person." Or something like that. I don't feel like pulling up the exact quote. I was a little confused as to whose apartment they were living in. It seemed like it was Billy on the Street's place, but Fred Savage was living there later after the break up.

Ann was probably the least likable character. She was having an affair with Key&Peele consistently since college. She was cheating on Fish from Ally McBeal who seem to treat he really well and wrecking Robin Sparkles marriage as well. Although I think Fish knew she was having an affair. But she continued to call Robin Sparkles "Froshy" even though she knew she hated that nickname. It just seemed extremely mean considering she was fucking her husband.

Robin Sparkles had that perfect baby insanity breakdown. The night before the IVF turns into a classic escalation comedy of errors. Then after the failure she has a breakdown, has an affair with Nat Faxon, quits her job, breaks her leg.

Academy Award winning writer Nat Faxon played the perfect chill trust fund baby. He doesn't need to work so he doesn't. He just floats in and out of the lives of his friends. Near the end he starts to get his act together until his affair with Robin Sparkles is exposed and his fiancee walks out.

I was never fully up on what Marianne did. She seems to be a bad off-Broadway play producer and a yoga instructor. She did go to Harvard so presumable she either comes from money like Academy Award winning writer Nat Faxon or she made a shit-ton of money after college and is floating on it. I loved when she drove the party bus into the bridge underpass because everyone was ganging up on her. She is very funny.

And finally there is Key&Peele. He is clearly the main character. His performance was great. He is a writer trying to break into the YA genre with Wolf Trials. This sounds like something that will be made eventually. Of course, it goes off the rails as Fred Savage forgets this is already in development by another author. It is really had to be sympathetic toward him since he has been carrying on an affair for nearly 20 years.

In the end, Ann's car rolls into the pool and most of the secrets come out at her 40th birthday party. Then Robin Sparkles breaks up with Key&Peele. It was a great scene and a great way to end the season. I'm looking forward to more seasons.

PS, the funniest scene was when Robin Sparkles and Key&Peele set a sky lantern off after the failed IVF and it immediately crashed into a tree and started a fire. I laughed and laughed. The best guest was Kate McKinnon as the rich YA author who owns several Brazilian steakhouses. She is great in everything.

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