Monday, July 31, 2017


My Unbreakable @KimmySchmidt Season 3 Review

Season one was such an unexpected joy. I thought season two was a bit of a let down. I didn't even finish watching it until season three came out. But season three was just as good as season one. Here's what I loved.

The music! Season one still wins with the triple joy of Pinot Noir, Daddy's Boy, and Too Many Spidermen. But in season three we got to see Titus go Lemonading and explain about the Boob's in California.

I almost didn't recognize Judah Freelander without his trucker hats.

Xan's return! During Kimmy's brief time at Columbia, Jaqueline's step-daughter returned to Kimmy's life. Although she was super popular in high school, she is struggling socially in college. I really wanted more of her.

Guest stars! David Cross was great as Jaqueline's love interest until he got smooshed. More on that later. Fred Armison as Robert Durst, enough said. Amy Sedaris steals every scene she's in. Rachel Dratch perfectly played both halves of lesbian power couple Dianne/Leonora. But possibly the best thing about season three was Maya Rudolf as Dionne Warwick. I'm craving some baby corns right now.

Jaqueline's arc! I'm not a big fan of the TV trope of rich characters loosing their money. I didn't like where she went in season two. But the NFL and Washington Redskins storyline was great. I totally support changing the Seattle Seahawk's name to the Seattle Raisin's You Think Are Chocolate Chips. I loved her relationship with David Cross and his whole ordeal being smooshed by a Smartcar. I love the smoosh ward. Plus, her son is clinically a spazoid.

Titus's arc! He had an lost a couple loves, including construction worker Mikey that Titus went Lemonade on, and baby Linda's father. I think all company's should have a Linda in HR and a Tina in accounting. But his main arc was giving Kimmy a high five after realizing she is his conscience and he is better with her around.

Kimmy's arc! She was going to some crappy college and then to Columbia on a rowing scholarship. All that crank turning paid off. I was a little concerned the season would end poorly after she didn't get her dream job as a crossing guard. But thanks to her emotional intelligence, she landed a great job at a start-up as the CEO's liaison. He doesn't want to talk to his employees. The one somewhat disturbing thing this season was the inferences that Kimmy was repeatedly raped in the bunker. It made me sad.

I hope Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt wins the Emmy this year. It deserves it. It's been nominated twice before both times loosing to Veep. But at least is has a fourth season next year.

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I love @LastWeekTonight #SuckMyOwnCock


Where did Hemorrhage pull that wrench from? #RickandMorty @RickandMorty

Also, I'd totally hit that.


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I want her to know it was me. #GameOfThrones @GameOfThrones

Great episode. So long House Tyrell and Highgarden. Diana Rigg was a joy to watch.


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Also Gord Rand (totally made up name) is sexy as shit as Captain Cardiff. I hope he is in more episodes.

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#BigBrother #BB19 Dominique why did your god forsake you? (10-0) Because it doesn't exist @CBSBigBrother

Stop being a child, praying will not help you will half a million dollars. You look like an idiot talking to your imaginary friend.


#BigBrother #BB19 Cameron can strip for me anytime @CBSBigBrother


#ComeClean @MayaRudolph is a god damn national treasure

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Winter came for House Frey #GameOfThrones


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Just watched: #BigBrother @CBSBigBrother Best power of veto ceremony ever! Cody needs to go #TeamPaul

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