Tuesday, April 04, 2017


My #IronFist Season 1 review @MarvelIronFist ‏

The show got mixed reviews. I didn't understand that at the beginning. I thought it started off strong. The ending was not so great.

The first few episodes I really liked. The assimilation of Danny back into his old life was really well done. I had some issues and I found myself talking to my television saying, "That's not how inheritance law works." And, "That's not how corporate law works." But I like how the show was going. I also like the twist of The Hand.

It really went of the rails in the last couple episodes. Even the quickest look at the drug organization would yield the knowledge that it predated Danny's return by years or decades. Having him be a target of the DEA was the first big "Oh come on!" moment for me. Then that final episode where everyone just ran in without the plan because of emotions was terrible. Especially since it wasn't much different than the original plan.  In the end I was most unsatisfied with the things they didn't resolve in the origin story. Why did he leave K'un-Lun? Why didn't he complete is training? What causes him to go all line-y when he would get frustrated or angry? Was there really a dragon? Is his mother still alive?

It wasn't as good as the other Marvel shows but it wasn't bad. Just not that good.

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