Sunday, October 19, 2014


New and Returning Shows 10/19 and Beyond

The new shows are still trickeling out.  Here's how the rest of the fall is shaping up.

Wednesday 2014-10-22
100 (CW) - Last season was really good.  Now we needs to know who is the real bad guys is, the Grounders, the Mountain Men, or maybe the Arkers.

Friday 2014-10-24
Constantine (NBC) - Originally I wasn't going to watch this because it is clone of Supernatural, it has been getting a lot of nerd buzz so I will give it a try.

Grimm (NBC) - Nick lost his abilities as a Grimm.  How will the new season play out?

Thursday 2013-10-30
Millers (CBS) - I didn't watch the first season but now that Sean Hayes is joining the cast I'll be adding this to my watch list.

Two and a Half Men (CBS) - Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher's characters are getting married even though the are straight.  This might be an interesting season but I probably still won't watch it.

McCarthys (CBS) - This new comedy about a close family with a gay brother looks pretty good.  I'll be watching this.

Elementary (CBS) - I enjoyed the Mycroft story arc last season.  This show has been consistently good so I look forward to a third season.

Monday 2014-11-17
State Of Affairs (NBC) - Katherine Heigl returns to TV as a CIA analyst attached to the White House.  This is still a bit away so I can still decide if I want to watch this.

Monday 2014-11-24
Ascension (Syfy) - This new Syfy show looks compelling.  A large generation ship was launched into interstellar space 50 years ago and now in 2014 they are half way to their destination.  I'm hopeful this will be good.


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