Sunday, September 12, 2010


New Fall 2010 Shows I'm Not Watching

There's always a bunch of shows I decide not to watch even before they air.

My Generation
It looks like a reality show but it's not. This won't make it to Thanksgiving. ABC Thursday 9/23

Detroit 1-8-7
Homicide detectives in Detroit. I can't think of city I care about less. ABC Tuesday 9/21

Law & Order: LA
I don't watch any of the existing Law & Orders so why would I start now. NBC Wednesday 9/29

Sorry JJ Abrams. I think when his name is attached I'm less likely to watch the show. Also there are enough spy shows on TV right now. NBC Wednesday 9/22

As much as I like Jimmy Smits, I can't sign on to the absurd premise that a supreme court justice would resign to become a defense attorney. No. NBC Wednesday 9/15

Oops I missed the pilot this week. Although I do like the idea of Bring It On the series. No wait, I never saw Bring It On. CW Wednesday

Blue Bloods
Yet another New York cop show. And this one is about a family of cops. Let me guess there's a bad brother out there they have to consider covering up. Snore.... CBS Friday 9/24

Mike And Molly
Fat love. I don't care. CBS Monday 9/20


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