Thursday, June 24, 2010


Season In Review: Supernatural

Last fall my friends Brian and Ethan loaned me season one of Supernatural. I caught up to the current season around episode 15. This season was an epic they had probably planned for since the start of the season. The brothers were destined to be the vessels for the battling angels Michael and Lucifer. In the end Lucifer in Sam's body was dropped back into the cell that had been holding him. But Sam somehow got out. Not sure how that happened. But now that they have battled angels, what is left? I guess they could go on to fight God. And Horseman Death seemed to imply he was older than God. So maybe they will find there are things out there bigger than angels and demons. My favorite moments from this season were when they attended the Supernatural convention with people dressed up like them and when they were brought to the summit of the lesser gods. Sadly, The Trickster/Gabriel/Loki died in that episode and he was a great not too threatening recurring bad guy turned ally.


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