Tuesday, March 30, 2010


V is Back

V returns tonight. Although the show isn't perfect it is both enjoyable and a huge improvement over the original 80's mini-series and one full season. The characters are good and Elizabeth Mitchell is exceptional. I'm not super excited about The Leader or The Anchorman.

But about a month ago I came up with a way the show could have been super awesome. So imagine the pilot mostly the same with one difference. All the actors are the same, all the dialog is the same. Drop the reptile thing, which never really works anyway. Some of the effects would need to change. The big difference would be at the end. Ana is interviewed by Chad and when he asks her about the planet the Vs come from, it is revealed the aliens are actually from Earth in a distant future and the planet they are infiltrating is the alien planet. I think it would be a great twist. Too bad the show is already in progress.


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