Thursday, March 25, 2010


Supernatural is back

A few months back I started getting caught up on CW's Supernatural. It is currently in its 5th season. I am finally caught up with real time and I'll be watching the new episode this week with everyone else. I have really enjoyed the show and I'm not quite sure why I didn't start watching it when it first came out. Each episode is like a short horror movie. There are not of shows with a great serial aspect like this (other than LOST of course). What I like about this was the serial story started of rather localized (hunting the demon who killed their mom) and slowly expanded to putting the brothers square between the final battle between Michael and Lucifer with all of humanity hanging in the balance. This story is supposed to be concluded by the end of the season with a new story starting next season. Also both the main actors are hot. No wonder there is so much brotherly incest fan fiction written about them. Gross and hot. They have even made fun of that on the show. Sadly, no love scenes yet.

A funny casting note is that the actor playing Lucifer is the same actor playing Jacob on LOST. This week on LOST he claimed not to be the devil. Yep, that's a different show.


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