Tuesday, November 03, 2009



The new reboot series "V" starts tonight on ABC. It stars Juliet from LOST as the lead FBI investigator, Scott Wolf from Party of Five as the intrepid report, and Inara the prostitute from Firefly as Anna, the leader of the Vistors. I was a big fan of the original mini-series and one-season show. In my defense I was 12. Remember when there used to be mini-series? They were cool. North and South, The Last Days of Pompeii, The Stand. And Roots. I never saw that one. Anyway, I digress. V is back and I like the new look. The old one had some core problems with the premise. There is so much easy water to get in the universe than the high gravity well of a planet with a population that might not want their water supply shut off. Also I can't imagine taking people as food is a good idea either. They should have stuck with the story that everyone taken was being reprogrammed to serve as soldiers to fight the Visitors enemies. But no, they stuck with an absurd premise and put the protagonist in an unwinnable situation that only biological warfare would solve, something so repulsive to most modern civilization. Hopefully they will drop the cannibal part of the story like they are dropping the Nazi parallel of the first series. Instead they are more like Fox News and the Bushies, a far more relatable bad guy in our times.


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