Friday, August 21, 2009


Megan Wants A Millionaire

It's no secret that I love the crazy awful VH1 dating shows and spin-offs. The people on these shows act like crazy wild beasts. There are two new ones this month, My Antonio and Megan Wants a Millionaire.

I'm not quite sure why My Antonio is on VH1. Antonio Sapato Jr. is not a musician. Then again, The T.O. Show is "Brooke" style show about a washed up football player so this is not unprecedented. Antonio's show is worth watching as it is filmed in Hawaii and because his mother is wonderfully judgemental and his ex-wife shows up to win him back. It's a train wreck and it is trying to be so serious.

But Megan was on Rock of Love and so here place on VH1 is both secure and logical. I thought her show was one of the best dating show ever. Anything with Megan can only be light hearted and whimsical. Especially since she brings her retarded dog with her everywhere. She actually said on I Love Money that she wants to start a charity to help retarded dogs like hers. And her guys on her show were all millionaires. Many of them were acting like the douchebags you would expect millionaires who go on TV to act.

You can imagine my extreme disappointment when this show was removed from the schedule after only three of the episodes aired. You see one of the contestants was charged with the murder of his wife and so now the whole show is gone, probably for good. Ryan Jenkins got married in Vegas to a "model" earlier this year after filming for the show wrapped. A few weeks ago her body was found in a suitcase in Buena Park, CA, not to far from where I am right now. (I'm going to Disneyland today!) He fled the country and was found dead in a motel in Canada just yesterday. He was clearly a rising VH1 reality star as he was reportedly a contestant on I Love Money 3, which will also probably never air.

This goes to show you that rich people are not just as crazy as poor people, they bring a whole new level of crazy to television. Rich people get that extra level of entitlement which leads to even crazier behavior like murder and suicide. Rich people can be normal, but rich people who go on TV where their net worth is shown on screen are the highest level of crazy and they should be avoided.

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You should make it clear that Megan's dog is actually mentally challenged. It's not just that you think dogs are retarded in general.

At first I was thinking why don't they just put up a nice thing about him on the show, but he was the one she'd liked most so far so even if VH1 had no heart, which I assume they don't, the show would be kind of pointless to watch.

I was wondering where this went. Megan must be pissed. I hope they try something else because it was good for one of those kind of shows.
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