Monday, January 12, 2009


Twenty Six

24 is back this week. With the writer's strike last year we didn't get a season of Jack Bauer running around chasing terrorists and government conspirators. But this season is really 26 hours. Last November there was a TV movie which was shot on location in South Africa. This was a great move as it put Jack Bauer in the fictional African country which is key to the story this season. It really gave the audience a more emotional connection to the story.

Like the last few seasons, government conspiracies and corruption play a big part this season. Someone killed the president's son. Someone in the FBI is helping terrorists. African blood diamond rulers have hacked into the American air traffic control system. Jack is on the run again. Tony is alive and working against the government. There is a new president and this time, it's a woman! It will be a good season.


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