Sunday, September 21, 2008


Fall TiVo Workshop

The new Fall Season officially starts tomorrow. FOX and the CW have already premiered many of their shows, they aren't real networks. Where's your 10:00 programming? Fakers! For those of you who have only one TiVo or a single tuner DVR, here is my suggestion for your Fall 2008 season passes.

8:00 Fox The Simpsons
8:30 Fox King of the Hill
9:00 Fox Family Guy
9:30 Fox American Dad
10:00 ABC Brothers and Sisters

8:00 NBC Chuck
9:00 NBC Heroes
10:00 ABC Boston Legal

8:00 CW 90210
9:00 FOX Fringe
10:00 ABC Eli Stone

8:00 ABC Pushing Daisies
9:00 Give your TiVo a Break
10:00 ABC Dirty Sexy Money

8:00 ABC Ugly Betty
9:30 NBC 30 Rock
10:00 ABC Life on Mars

8:00 CBS Ghost Whisperer
9:00 Give your Tivo a Break
10:00 NBC Life

So just set it for ABC every night at 10:00, except Friday/\.


No Desperate Housewives? Travesty!!
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