Saturday, August 16, 2008


That Sounds Like A You Problem

Friend of DtvB, Matt turned me onto a new show this summer called Flipping Out. It's on Bravo. I've been thinking of watching this anyway after watching the star, Jeff Lewis, on Chelsea. He seemed much more normal than he appeared in the reviews. I'm glad I watched the show because it is great. It's all about a real estate investor or house flipper and his employees and business partner. He's openly gay and openly OCD. His live in maid Zoila makes the show awesome. My favorite line form season two was shown only in the reunion show.

Jeff: Zoila will you make me a martini?
Zoila: I can't reach the shaker. [She reaches up and motions for him to get it]
Jeff: That sounds like a you problem not a me problem.

In the end he makes his own martini and opens a bottle of wine for Zoila. The season is over but you can still catch episodes all the time on Bravo. You can also watch episodes on I love the Internets!

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