Thursday, July 24, 2008


Reality Bites Back

My Tivo is very full. It was just weeks ago I bounced down to empty and now I’m dropping old episodes of Days of Our Lives every other day. I need to watch them soon. I was in Las Vegas over the weekend and my TiVo got filled with regular stuff and most of the first season of Mad Men. Season 2 starts Sunday. More on that later.

Last week Comedy Central debuted two new shows on Thursday, The Gong Show and Reality Bites Back. It’s fun to have the Gong Show back. There’s really not much difference between this and the high budget network knock offs called: American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and America’s Got Talent. If you get gonged your out, otherwise you get a score and could win. But Reality Bites Back is my favorite crappy reality show right now. It’s a reality show spoof that is also actually a reality show. The last reality show spoof was the Joe Schmo show where he didn’t know it was a spoof. In this show, the take a bunch of comedians and have them compete each week in an obvious spoof of a different reality show. Last week was Extreme Manipulation: House Edition. While the name is a spoof of Extreme Makeover, the show of a spoof of Big Brother. They had a house filled with six not so hidden cameras (including a full camera crew standing in full behind a two way mirror on a pedestal) and made the housemates do stupid stuff and get voted out. It was far more entertaining than the lame ass real Big Brother. This week it is “Shock of Love” a spoof of VH1-style crappy celebrity dating shows. Later this season they will be taking on the Amazing Race, American Gladiators, and Dancing with the Stars. That one will be Hunting with the Stars. Oh, I can’t wait!


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