Thursday, July 10, 2008


Burn Notice

I love the relatively new concept of a summer series. In the past networks would run shows in the summer as a trial. Remember a little show called American Idol? That was a Fox summer throw away series. Now with all the basic cable networks producing new content, summer is a great time to run a show without a lot of competition. Although sometimes summer shows get too full of themselves and move to the fall. I’m looking at you It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And you Nip/Tuck. My favorite summer series for a while was The 4400. Sadly last summer was it’s last as it is cancelled. The new best show of the summer is Burn Notice.

Tonight is the Burn Notice second season premier. The entire first season is on and I highly recommend it. The show is about a former spy who has been “burned”. The agency has restricted his movement to his home town of Miami, FL. If he leaves, he’ll be taken out. So now he lives as a private detective solving cases involving kidnappings and drug smuggling. Exactly the kind of stuff you expect to be going on in Miami. I love that the show is actually shot on location in Miami, not L.A. disguised as Miami. I love Sharon Gless and the chain smoking alcoholic mother. I love the recurring joke about yogurt. And I love this season they are adding Number Six as the sexy new bad guy (bad gal?). She’s the face of the people who burned Michael. Don’t miss it. I guess if you do you can watch it on


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