Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm Always Right and You Never Believe Me

Yesterday I was having lunch with FoDtvB, Sean. He was claiming how predictable LOST has been this season. I disagree, but maybe because I'm on my third glass of wine by the time it starts. I'm a big alcoholic these days. But it is true how predictable TV can be if you look for it. Last summer I watched a bunch of Eureka episodes. The pattern becomes really obvious really quick. It's always the person/technology/experiment that was mentioned in the first act which seems to have nothing to do with the story that is responsible for the current madness, like the dry cleaner or the weather forcaster.

I've been catching up on Medium and that show is really predictable. Why is she dreaming about a dentist killing a hooker when she working on a case of a man accused of killing his wife and burning her corpse? Duh, the dentist altered the hookers dental work to fake the women's death. That was a two parter and I figured it out half way through part 1. Another two parter had Allison dreaming of a girl kidnapped 10 years ago and held in the basement with a second woman. The only problem is, the other girl was never missing according to her mother. Duh, the other young women was in on the kidnapping. I shouldn't had fast forwarded through part 2 of that one. Then there was the cougar narrating her murders in Allison's dreams but the detective says the killer was really strong and not likely a women. I guessed it was a gay man using the cougar's book to seduce and kill straight guys and I was right. I was a little amazed that I guess that one right. Anyway, Allison is always right and no one ever believes her, just like in this great episode of MADtv:


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