Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm sick of Elisabitch

I didn't watch the week's episodes of The View yet, just Thursday's. Last night having dinner with Matt, he complained of Elisabitch Hasslecunt on the View. Today was a perfect example of why she should be banished from TV. The topic of discussion was the allegations of an affair against McCain. Even though four or so newspapers reported on these allegations, she is under the opinion this is a conspiracy by the New York Times to discredit him. What she says goes so beyond logical thought it boggles the mind. I hate her. If it isn't true and someone has orchestrated this it was the extreme right trying to get more support for Huckabee before the next primaries.

On a completely unrelated note, I noticed today that I can see the Columbia Center from my dining room window. The top twenty floors or so are visible between a house and a big apartment building to the southwest. When the leaves grow back it will be gone again. I can't believe I've lived here for 3.5 years and I just noticed it. It's the tallest building in Seattle and looks like Lego macaroni pieces.

Elisabitch Hasselcunt!!! I love it!

She makes me so angry. I'm sad that Barbara didn't try to make her use logic. My only hope is that Joy will get wise and start using Elisabeth's stupidity against her. Let her dig her own grave and good!

I'm seriously trying to think of something I can do to get Elizabeth off that show. I'm so upset about the state of things right now she'd be the perfect scape goat for me. Yes, it would make me feel better!
McCain is one of the good guys. And ya a lot of newspaper work hand in hand especially if they have their own agendas. A lot of newspapers are liberal lovers.
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